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Rugged Video is excited to announce the release of a line of high definition Flight Tour Video Systems.   Since the 1980’s, flight tours have realized the importance of video to improve the customer value proposition and generate significant revenue.  As the flight tour industry adopted and integrated this technology into their operations there has been little support from technology providers to offer a complete solution without the need for extensive trial and error, troubleshooting, and frustration by operators.  Rugged Video designed their flight tour solution to eliminate this issue.

With over a decade of combined experience working with flight tour operators and their unique needs, developers at Rugged Video have developed a complete end-to-end solution so that operators can easily add video to their tour.  Rugged Video offers all of the recording systems, cameras, mounts, cabling, and gift shop support equipment as a complete flight tour package.


Systems are based around the RV-sFOUR which integrates seamless switching of up to four cameras and 1080p60 recording.  Systems offer the highest video quality with an easy to use workflow.  Advanced features, such as fault tolerant recording, eliminate the headaches of lost video files due to workflow errors.  Systems also feature integrated WiFi which makes it easy for maintenance to check on system performance.

Systems can be interactive or “handsfree” with black box operation.  With the commander controller, camera switching can be controlled via pre-programmed GPS waypoints or via a configurable timer with the option for manual override throughout the tour.  The commander can also overlay pre-defined text on the video to label points of interest.  In addition, the commander can play MP3 audio files which can be recorded into the video or played through passenger headsets.  MP3’s can be triggered to play through manual controls or automatically via GPS.

Once the tour is completed, Rugged Video provides USB duplication systems to quickly create multiple copies of the video to sell to passengers.  Videos can be viewed on any PC or Mac and can be uploaded straight to Facebook or YouTube.  Digital copy increases sell through rates, reduces costs for operators, and increases brand exposure.  Operators still retain the ability to create DVD’s or Blu-Rays if they wish.

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