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“I’m pretty sure we want video, where do I even begin?”


The Right Solution, Fast.

Follow the steps below to understand more about our sales process.

The entire process can take a little as a few hours up to a few years, but the end goal is to make sure you have the right solution for your operation.  To get started just give us a call (262) 208-8782.

Step 1 - Identify Your Needs

Get The Ball Rolling

If you are thinking about adding video, give us a call or send us an email.  We know airborne video have have years of experience working with hundreds of operators.  We will be happy to work with you on finding out how onboard video can help your operation.

Giving us a call at 262-208-8782

Emailing a Rugged Video sales rep with your needs via our Request a Quote page

Emailing a Rugged Video sales rep directly at [email protected]

Your Needs

Whether your a flight tour trying to maximize revenue or Aerial Patrol operator looking to make the best product for your customer we start by identifying the exact needs of your operation.  In this stage we discover what type of end product you need, how to capture it, and how to manage the end product.

You can also learn more on your own by using our online resources:

Using our Build a System page

Selecting your Application/Solution

Browsing our Products



Step 2 - Define Your System

Let us help.

Once your needs are identified we will propose the exact components of your system.  We will make an itemized quote listing all items that would comprise your system.  We work with you to make sure you know exactly what your receiving and how it will help your operation.  At this point we typically start to involve the mechanics or installers. Email a Rugged Video sales rep with your needs via our Request a Quote page Email a Rugged Video sales rep directly at [email protected] Giving us a call at 262-208-8782.  Once you have decided on all of the components that make up your system, you will need to have a quote sent over for review.  This will show:

  • The ship to address
  • The shipping method
  • Ship date (Usually a couple days to a week)
  • List of the items for purchase
  • Pricing
  • Shipping cost
  • Total
  • Payment method


Learn on Your Own.

In addition to working with us we offer great resources on our website that will help you find the best possible solution for your operation.

Using our Build a System page

Selecting your Application/Solution

Browsing our Products

Step 3 - Finalize Details
Once the system is defined we create a wiring diagram for your exact solution and work with your installers to make for a smooth installation.

We Identify.

  • Exact Cable Lengths for all Cameras and Components.
  • Camera Mounts.
  • Interface Connectors for power, audio, GPS, and triggers.



Every shop has a different way that they would like to integrate the system but what stays the same is our approach to the workflow and process of helping make that installation as smooth as possible.  We work with all parties involved in the install and we provide schematics that will help make the routing of wires make sense to everyone.  Some of the systems have a lot of components, but when you break it down, it can be fairly simple.  Some basic 4 camera installations can be done in a day or two with the right team of people working on it.  Picking your camera locations and having a spot for the recorder are the key factors.  We are here to answer questions before installation and during.  There is also an option available for a Rugged Video Rep to come to your location and help install.  Please contact us for more information.

Once you have an idea of where you want your camera(s) mounted and you picked a spot for the recorder, it is a matter of letting Rugged Video Engineers your cable lengths.  With your system is a dedicated schematic where you will have spots to write in all of the cable lengths that you need to go between the items.  It is always a good idea to give yourself a little slack in this measurement, better to have an extra foot than to be a foot short!

Step 4 - Get Your System

Move Forward

Once the solution is defined and the details are ironed out with the installers it’s now time to place an order.  While the payment method is specified on the quote, you can click here for Payment Options as there area variety of ways to pay once the quote is finalized.

Pay via check or money order by sending to:

Rugged Video LLC

W66N205 Commerce Ct

Cedarburg, WI 53012


Pay via Bank Wire:

Email your Rugged Video representative for bank wire information


Pay via credit card:

You can send the money via Paypal to [email protected]

or contact a Rugged Video Representative at 262-208-8782 and have your quote number ready.


Orders usually ship out a couple days to a week after payment has been made.  The exact date is specified in the quote.

Step 5 - Installation
Once the system ships we are ready to help with any installation and setup questions.  Although our systems are very easy to use we recommend operators plan to spend 1-2 weeks getting pilots, operators, and support staff up to speed on the system and get familiar with its operation before committing to providing video.  We call this a teething period that allows operators to optimize their workflow and make sure everyone is on the same page.

In some cases we do travel to customer sites to assist with setup, training, and installation.  Ask us for more information if this is something you are interested in.

Step 6 - Ongoing Support

We keep in touch with all of our customers throughout the year to see if you have any questions or need anything.  You will receive a periodic newsletter that has any relevant product updates or accessories that might help your operation.  We treat our customers like family and make sure our customers know that we are there to help their operation in any way we can.