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“I need video, where do I begin?”000_1391

We understand just how confusing and difficult it can be to specify and design a video system.  Our goal is to help you select the right equipment for the job, tailored to your installation and operational needs.  To start the process, please select from some of the different options in the form below, and include a brief message about your company’s video goals.  After you submit the form, you will receive a response from a technical sales engineer who will work with you or your technical team to identify the right equipment, cabling, accessories, and processes to meet your goals.  We look forward to working with you!

Build a System

  • Choose how many cameras you would like to view and/or record
  • Select a video signal type
  • There are a variety of ways record multiple cameras; From recording all cameras individually on their own media, to having 4 cameras on one screen as a Picture-in-Picture recording, to switching between cameras one at a time, or some other combination of different methods.
  • In addition to manual camera selection, Rugged Video's proprietary GPS automation system can automatically switch between cameras, start and stop recordings, play MP3 music or narration audio files, or overlay custom text on recordings.
  • Different cameras, cabling systems, and accessories may be recommended depending on the installed environment, including exposure to moisture, transmitting antennas, or other factors.
  • Video signals can be viewed in many ways, including with a standalone monitor, an EFIS or MFD such as the Garmin G500 TXi and other models, on an iPad or other networked device, or remotely with a remote network connection.
  • We'll make it easy to record your audio sources by offering cabling to directly wire into an audio panel, tap the signal from a headset jack using a pass-thru cable, recording from an external or built-in microphone, or other means.
  • Our recorders ship with a compact, surface-mountable Garmin GPS receiver, but can also use an existing NMEA-0183 GPS signal. The data is saved as a GPX or KML file for review in Google Earth, or any other geospatial mapping or mission debrief software. The data can also be overlaid on the video, and our recorders have GPS waypoint and JPEG snapshot trigger inputs, allowing you to mark and quickly identify important moments in a flight recording.
  • How do you want to physically start and stop recordings?
  • Select your preferred method of powering the system. Rugged Video recorders and most of our cameras will operate from a wide-range DC source. We have in-cable DC-DC converter systems for any 12VDC cameras that must operate directly from ships power.