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Cedarburg, Wisconsin USA (October, 2023)

Rugged Video LLC announces the addition of in-house inert gas purge and backfill camera assembly process to eliminate fog inside its cameras.  This new process ensures camera lenses and protective windows are fog-free by filling the cameras with 99% pure inert, moisture-free Argon gas.  Rugged Video’s controlled atmosphere assembly processes will also be offered as a service to other businesses.

The purge and backfill process takes place inside Rugged Video’s Labconco Protector Controlled Atmosphere Glove Box with AtmosPure gas purifier system.  The process represents a step forward in Rugged Video’s commitment to producing innovative and reliable airborne cameras and video systems.

The purge / backfill system is initially used with Rugged Video’s new HDM US Coast Guard helicopter hoist and cabin cameras, as well as the HD39E H.264 IP network camera.  The process will also be made available for other sealed camera models such as the HDZ zoom camera, HD19 3G-SDI micro-bullet camera, and HD21E H.264 IP streaming bullet camera.