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Mission Recording/Debriefing

Rugged Video offers a complete mission recording and debriefing system for flight training, airborne firefighting, military, and various other applications.  Mission recording systems can be provided as components or complete systems with: recorder(s), cameras, mounts, and cabling.

Multiple cameras, audio, and integrated GPS functions capture multiple data points.  Ideal for pilot training or any intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) application.  Systems offer a simple to follow workflow, from capturing data to analysis.

Tagging Points on the Mission

Key points during the mission or training session can be tagged using the waypoint trigger.  Waypoints are stored in the GPX data file for easy identification during the post process analysis.

Audio IntegrationGPS

Integration into the audio panel will record all radio and intra cockpit communication.  Adapter cables can be provided for plug-and-play installation or hardwired directly into the audio panel.  Ambient audio and additional audio sources may be added to the video.


Overlay user entered text and GPS data directly on the video.  Important data points such as; coordinates, altitude, speed, and heading can be viewed during playback for better analysis during debriefing.  Flight path data is also recorded to the SD card or USB flash drive as a KML or GPX file for analysis in third party software solutions like Google Earth.  Video and 3D flight information can be reviewed in synchronous with Google Earth or a viewing software specific to your needs.

Black Box Recorder

When the system is set to black box mode, recording starts upon power up and stops recording when power is removed from the system.  The built-in backup battery also acts as a fault tolerant device when manually recording, preventing file corruption in the event of an accidental power loss while recording.


The ability to link two or three units together can increase efficiency.  With the synchronous triggers, systems are controlled with a single record switch.  Unit stacking also allows for the system to be upgraded in the future by adding additional channels.  Units are stacked with side plates that screw in place, a multilink cable, and a power cable.

Other Camera Options

In addition to connecting to most FLIR and Gimbal cameras, Rugged Video offers a line of small, rugged HD cameras to add another view to the system.  The addition of a cockpit camera can add to the functionality as a training or monitoring tool.  Adapter cables for nearly any input type can be provided for ease of installation.


Systems can be configured to start recording upon power up or via command of the record switch.  Video and GPS data are stored to USB or SD media.  Once on the ground, media can be removed as soon as the recording has stopped without having to power down the system.


Video and GPS data are stored in standard formats for playback on any PC or MAC.  By saving those GPS files, the 3D flight path information can be viewed in synchronous with multiple channels of video.

Commander Recorder

Commander Recorder