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Rugged Video is the market leader in Airborne Video Systems for Flight Tour Video while offering Video Solutions for Aerial Patrol, Flight Training, Flight Testing, Military, Mission Recording, plus OEM / ODM Design & Manufacturing.


HD39E Airborne H.264 IP Camera

EAGLEi 4K Flight Recorder

Airborne Video Systems Accessories



Space Launch & Hypersonic Flight


Flight Testing

SOL_MISSION_250x170Mission Recording &Debriefing


Flight Tours




 Aerial Patrol

SOL_ALE_250x170Airborne Law Enforcement


OEM/Custom Applications



Latest Rugged Video Happenings

Robinson 4K Cockpit Camera in Rotorcraft Pro Jan/Feb 2022 Ed.

We are proud to have our Helicopter Cockpit Camera in RotorcraftPro Magazine

Feb 2021 Robinson Helicopters Debuts new 4K Cockpit Cameras

Designed and manufactured by Rugged Video, Robinson’s new 4K camera is a first of its kind.

April 2020 EAGLEi 4K Video Flight Data Recorder Released

We are thrilled to announce this affordable, first-of-kind 4K UHD Video/Audio/Data recorder!

April 22nd Aerial Patroller Featured in RotorcraftPro

We are proud to have our product selected for a spotlight in RotorcraftPro Magazine

March 1st Rugged Video Acquires Extreme VisioNZ Ltd.

Read about the Extreme VisioNZ acquisition.

Dec 15th   Rugged Video Partners with Nflightcam

Rugged Video and Nflightcam partner to supply video solutions for flight seeing operators. 

Why choose Rugged Video Airborne Video Systems?


Unmatched experience in the field with focus on reliability and meeting your needs & expectations. 

The Future of Onboard Video

Rugged Video is focused on creating complete solutions, going beyond the cockpit. Not only does Rugged Video make the most advanced and reliable onboard video systems, but we create complete solutions for simplifying the installation and managing the video post-process.  This means a focus on simplicity for the end user while using the most effective tools available to accomplish your mission, not just a video recorder.

Reliability you can count on!

Your customers are depending on you, it’s only fair you should be able to expect the same from your video system.  At Rugged Video we take pride the dependability of our systems.  With tens of thousands of hours in air, our systems are built to withstand the toughest aviation applications.  Built-in redundancy adds an added layer of protection and the simplicity of the systems mitigates operator error, so you can count on your system working at the right time, every time.

OEM / ODM Design & Manufacturing

Can’t find a COTS product to meet your requirements?  Not sure about make vs. buy?  Up against a tight schedule and can’t wait a year for a working product?  We’ll save you cost, working with your team to design, certify, and manufacture your product.  Not only is Rugged Video a world-leading video system provider, we are also a highly capable OEM/ODM manufacturer of video equipment for top rotorcraft, industrial, and military manufacturers around the world.  Rugged Video is also proud to be the engineering and manufacturing partner for Robinson Helicopter Company’s 4K Cockpit Camera, the market-first FAA-certified 4K video & flight data recorder which is now factory installed as standard equipment on the R22, R44, and R66 airframes.  Under one roof are our engineering, sales, and manufacturing teams, CNC mills and lathes, 3D printers, environmental test chamber, controlled atmosphere glove box, HEPA laminar flow hoods, electronics laboratory, assembly facilities, and more.


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About Us


At Rugged Video, we are about meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.  We are dedicated to getting you the best possible solution in the least amount of time.  When you decide you want video, you need it installed yesterday!  We work with your mechanics and installers or directly with the director of operations to make sure that adding video is as seamless as our 4 camera switcher.

Reliability is something that we really take pride in.  There are similar airborne video systems on the market but we believe our build quality and service is simply unmatched in the industry.  We stand behind our products with a one year warranty and once you are a customer, you are part of the Rugged Video family.  We understand that you put in 110% for your company, we show you that same effort when working with you on your airborne video system.  We look forward to forming a long lasting relationship with you and helping your operation accomplish its mission.

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We’ve tried other similar systems in the past but we know we can depend on our Rugged Video Systems to capture great video every time; which is critical when video sales account for nearly half a million dollars a year in added revenue.  We chose Rugged Video because of their excellent customer service and flexibility in meeting our requirements and would recommend them to any other flight tour operator.

Richard Nesseler

Director/Chief Pilot, 12 Apostles Helicopters