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Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions with their answers.
Q: How soon can I get a system
A: Rugged Video has recorders and most cameras on the shelf and ready to go.  The lead time may be a day or two if custom cables need to be made up for the installation
Q: How do I capture multiple cameras?

A: There are three ways to capture multiple cameras: Record them as separate video files, switch between cameras, or capture multiple cameras in a single view (PIP).  It is also possible to combine these different methods – for example, switching between an interior camera and a Picture-In-Picture with two remote monitoring cameras.

Separate Video Files:

To capture a full video file from each camera you will need to record each signal separately.  Luckily our RV-ONE and Commander DVR solutions are designed to be linked allowing multiple channels to work in synchronous.  Once linked units will share record triggers, a single audio and GPS inputs for all units.  You start and stop recording with a single switch and each unit will have a full HD video file from that camera.


You can switch between multiple cameras by recording using the Commander Switcher, or RV-sFOUR which has built-in switching.  Switching allows for an inexpensive way to capture multiple cameras.  For flight tour applications switching is used to enhance the excitement and adventure of the flight.  Switching is seamless with no interruption in the video being recorded.


Using our Multiplexer you can capture up to four HD cameras within a single frame.  Up to four input streams are multiplexed and output to a recorder as a single PIP view.

Q: Can I use my own GPS?

A: In most cases, the GPS equipment on board will output the necessary data.  Contact us to make sure your equipment is compatible.  We can make custom adapter cables to make for a quick and easy connection.

Q: I want a camera in the wingtip, how can I do this?
A: Rugged Video offers small form factor cameras that can have long length extension cables to feed power to and video from the camera mounted anywhere in the aircraft.
Q: I want to have a camera that I can check my landing gear with, is that possible?

A: The Rugged Video cameras can be used for exactly that!  Some EFIS systems will allow for a secondary input as well, so the camera can be viewed on that screen or you can add a monitor for viewing the camera.  Most Garmin MFDs with video inputs – such as G600TXi – are compatible with Rugged Video cameras, and Garmin’s installation manuals recomend the HD19 as a camera of choice for remote viewing.

Q: Once I have a recorded video, how should I play it back?

A: Rugged Video recommends downloading VLC media player.  It is a free download at