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Flight Tour Video Solutions

Offer onboard video to your flight tour passengers with Rugged Video onboard video solutions.  Rugged Video offers complete solutions including the most advanced onboard capture equipment, quick install kits with installation documentation, and digital delivery software.  The Rugged Video team will help you generate more revenue, marketing exposure, and a competitive advantage with onboard video.

The Most Advanced Onboard Equipment

  • Creates Professionally Edited Videos in Flight
  • Intro Videos, Soundtracks, Camera Switching & More
  • Automated by GPS or Pilot Controlled

Streamlined Installation

Quick Install Kits for:
EC130, EC120, & AS350
Bell 206(L) & 407
Robinson R44 & R66





The Game Changer

Double Your Revenue with Digital Delivery

  • Leverage Your Customers Social Media
  • Engage with Customers Online
  • Generate Direct Referral Bookings
  • Increase Sell-Through and Product Value


The Perfect System For Your Flight Tour Operation

Every operator is unique and we pride ourselves in providing the absolute best solution for your tour operation.  The Rugged Video team has worked with more flight tour operators than any other company in the world and will work closely with you on getting a system that is easy to install, maintain, and maximizes your revenue potential from onboard video.

What do you fly?

We’ve worked with nearly every helicopter model and can provide recommendations, installation photos, and examples of what works well for our other customers with specific kits for the: EC130, EC120, AS350, Bell 206(L) & 407, and Robinson R44 & R66.

How video fits in your operation?

Successful video integration requires support from your maintenance staff, pilots, ground crew, gift shop personnel and your marketing team.  Rugged Video will work with your team to not only configure the best system, but provide training, onsite support, and assist you with the long term to optimize your onboard video sales.

Maximize Revenue

Our primary goal is to maximize your revenue with onboard video.  With our advanced digital delivery software, which doubles your video revenue potential, to our features like GPS automation which reduces human error, Rugged Video solutions offer more up-time, better end products, and higher sell-through than any other solution on the market.

Award Winning Solutions

Rugged Video Flight Tour Solutions were recognized as one of the most innovative products of 2016 by Rotorcraft Pro.

The TourMaster Lineup

The TourMaster4 is feature packed, compact, reliable, all-in-one flight tour video solution.  Pick the version that works best for your operation.

Video, Audio, and Branding

  • 4 x HD Camera Inputs
  • 1080p Video Recording
  • 4 x USB Real-Time Recording
  • Advanced Audio Mixing
  • Soundtracks or Narrations
  • Headset Audio
  • Pre-Roll Intro Clips
  • Logo Overlay

GPS Automation

  • Automatic Recording
  • Create Highlight Clips
  • Camera Switching
  • Custom Sequencing
  • Camera Groupings
  • MP3 Soundtracks & Narrations
  • Title & Credits
  • Pilot Override Optional



Safety & Reliability

  • Reduces Pilot Workload
  • GPS Data Logging
  • Built-in Battery Backup
  • Fault Tolerant Recording
  • Hot-Swap Media Support




The TourMaster4 is designed to for top or bottom mounting in a cargo hold, or under the seat.  The TourMaster4 has four USB ports accessible through the front panel.  The TourMaster4 is designed to be controlled via GPS automation, but all override controls are available for pilot control.

TourMaster4 Dash

The TourMaster Dash is an innovative glare-shield mounted recording solution.  Installed as a minor alteration the dash mount system features a quick release base and harness.  The “Dash” features an integrated 4.3″ high definition monitor for passenger viewing, four easy-access USB flash ports, and a flip-up hood allowing easy access to system configuration and controls.

TourMaster4 Dzus

The TourMaster4 Dzus is designed to mount in any standard Dzus rail.  A matching 4.3″ high definition dzus mount monitor can be added for passenger viewing.  The “Dzus” features four easy access USB ports out the front, with the option for pilot accessible system controls and status information or a block of plate for automated operation.

Small Cameras, Big Results

High performance HD cameras offer a variety of mounting options, lens options, and produce stunning video.

Customized For Your Operation

A wide number of off-the-shelf and custom accessories are available to meet your exact needs.

Cyclic Camera Switching

Producer Remote Control Unit

Remote Record Switch

In-Flight Capture Automation via GPS

  • Soundtracks & Narrations
  • Output Foreign Language Narrations to Headsets
  • Camera Switching, Groupings, and Time Sequencing
  • Recordings & Highlight Clips
  • Titles and Credits

Streamlined Installation

Standard kits are available for the most popular helicopters.  Use our recommended configuration or choose your own configuration.  Kits are available as an FAA approved installation or portable electronic device.

Airbus H130 & H125 Systems

Robsinson R44 & R66 Systems

Bell 206(L) & 407 Systems

EC130/H130 B4 & T2 Configurations
  • TourMaster – OnDash, Dzus, or Aft Cargo Hold
  • 2 x Front Window Mount Cameras (Front Left and Front Right)
  • 1 x Passenger Windscreen Pillar (Front Row, 6 or 7 seat)
  • 1 x Top Window (Back Row)
AS350/H125 Configurations
  • TourMaster – OnDash, Dzus, or Aft Cargo Hold
  • 2 x Front Window Mount Cameras (Front Left and Front Right)
  • 1 x Windscreen Pillar (All Rows)
  • 1 x Upper Windscreen Pillar (Optional)
R44/R66 Configurations
  • TourMaster – OnDash or Under Pax Seat
  • 2 x Front Window Mount Cameras (Front Left and Front Right)
  • 1 x Central Windscreen Pillar (Interior)
  • 1 x Horizontal Stabilizer (Optional)
  • Aux Power Plug
Bell 206L & 407 Configuration
  • TourMaster – OnDash, Dzus, or Cabin Bulkhead
  • 1 x Cross Tube or Front Window Mount
  • 1 x Dash (Front PAX)
  • 1 x Rear Cabin Low Profile (Back Row)
  • 1 x Rear Cabin Low Profile (Forward Row)
Bell 206 Jet Ranger
  • TourMaster – OnDash, Dzus, or Aft Cargo
  • 1 or 2 Cross Tube or Front Window Mount
  • 1 x Dash (Front PAX)
  • 1 x Rear Cabin Low Profile (Back Row)

“We’ve tried other similar systems in the past but we know we can depend on our Rugged Video Systems to capture great video every time; which is critical when video sales account for nearly half a million dollars a year in added revenue.  We chose Rugged Video because of their excellent customer service and flexibility in meeting our requirements and would recommend them to any other flight tour operator.”

Richard Nesseler – Director/Chief Pilot

12 Apostles Helicopters

How Much Can Your Operation Make?

Although each operation is unique, the metrics below will help you approximate how much your operation can make.

Typical Per-Cap:  $12.50-$19.75 per passenger


Attendance and Expected Revenue:

  • 1000 passengers/year – $12,500 – $19,750
  • 2500 passengers/year – $31,250 – $49,375
  • 5000 passengers/year – $62,500 – $98750
  • 10,000 passengers/year – $125,000 – $197,500
  • 25,000 passengers/year – $312,500 – $493,750
  • 50,000 passengers/year – $625,000 – $987,500


Digital Delivery Doubler:

Digital delivery drives direct referrals from your customer base, their social networks, and online search networks.  These referrals and be tracked directly to your bookings and double the revenue potential of onboard video.


How is Per-Cap Calculated?

Per-Cap = Video Sales Price /Passengers Per Group * Sell Through Rate 

Video Sales Price:  Videos typically sell for $30-90 depending on the type of tour.  Long tours in Hawaii may command closer to the $70-90 range where a quick hop might sell for $30 or so.

Passengers per Group: The average number of passengers in a group.  Since each group would likely only buy a single video, we need to account for this.

Sell Through Rate:  Around 80% of groups will end up buying their video.  Depending on price and the effectiveness of sales staff, we’ve seen this vary as low as 70% up to the high nineties.


“I’ve used a number of video systems over the years and recently moved to the Rugged Video system for my Flight Tour.  Rugged Video is the best system on the market because it records high quality video in a well put together package with features no one else can offer.”

Mark Fitzsimmons – Owner

Blue Sky Helicopters


Blue Sky Helicopters Flight Tour – Sydney, Australia

12 Apostles Helicopters Flight Tour – Gold Coast, Australia

Makani Kai Helicopters Flight Tour – Hawaii

Helicopter Flight Services Flight Tour – New York

TourMaster4 Flight Tour Video System


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