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Robinson Helicopters of Torrance, CA has announced the release of their new Robinson Cockpit Camera.  Proudly designed and manufactured by Rugged Video LLC of Cedarburg, WI, the Robinson Cockpit Camera comes standard on the R66 helicopter and optional on the R44 and R22.



“Securely mounted in the ceiling for minimal vibration and optimal field of view, the 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels) video camera records video, intercom audio, radio communications, and GPS position to a removable 128 GB USB flash drive. Recording starts automatically when the helicopter is turned on and stops when it is turned off.  Recording video and/or audio to the flash drive can be independently controlled with separate switches. The flash drive, supplied with each camera, stores approximately 10 hours of video and when the drive is full, the newest video automatically overwrites the oldest video. Recordings can be used as a training tool, maintenance aid, or aerial-tour souvenir to share with family and friends. For more information:”



The official Press Release is found here:


Rugged Video also has a full lineup of HD and 4K UHD video cameras systems for all airborne and rugged applications: