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Advanced and Affordable Video Camera and Flight Data Recorder (FDR) 


EAGLEi 4K Recorder - Overview

The EAGLEi 4K is the most advanced Lightweight Video Camera and Flight Data Recorder on the market.  Features satisfy HEMS flight recorder mandates and meets key 2021 New Zealand Department of Conservation requirements, and most other nations as well.

Featuring cinema-quality 4K UHD video, the EAGLEi 4K incorporates tamper- resistant internal video, audio, and data black box recording, plus user accessible USB 3.0 recording media, remote I/O, and more in one compact package.

Satisfies key government requirements for a lightweight instrument, audio, and data recorder.  Perfect for Flight Training, Flight Test, Air Work, Aerial Patrol and Survey, general safety and audit-ability, and more.  Add Revenue to Flight Schools and Tours with USB3.0 media.

Fleet discounts and customizations available.  Now in Production – Contact Rugged Video or visit the online store to order now!

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Capture Incredibly Detailed Data

The EAGLEi 4K is built on a powerful encoding platform which can encode 4K UHD video at 30FPS, together with three audio channels, and 10Hz GPS and Attitude Data.

4K UHD Video

Records beautiful, cinema-quality video in full 4Kp30 UHD resolution.  Optionally overlay GPS and attitude data.

GPS & Inertial Data

Built-in GPS receiver and Inertial Measurement Unit capture data at 10 Hz.

Crisp Audio

Record 2 channels of crisp, clear, ground-isolated intercom audio.  Black box memory records ambient cockpit audio as well.

USB and SD Media

USB-SD Always recording to a tamper-resistant internal SD card while powered up, and for 30 seconds after power is lost.

Records simultaneously to a removable USB 3.0 flash drive for immediate access to videos and data.  Start and stop USB recordings on demand with the built-in switch, or use a remote wired trigger to control the EAGLEi 4k.

Remote Connections and Live Viewing

Remotely control USB recordings, display status, capture an external event trigger, and view your camera image on a Multi-Function Display (MFD) or dedicated monitor.

Advanced Audio

Video is only part of the experience.  The EAGLEi 4K is designed to capture crisp vivid audio from various sources including: Aircraft Headsets, iPods, Amplified Microphones, more.  A built-in amplifier and audio mixer creates a balanced and professional sounding video.  Additionally, the EAGLEi 4K has a built-in amplified microphone to capture ambient cockpit audio.

Intercom stereo channel separation is maintained, and ground loop isolation is built into the unit.

Connecting Aircraft AudioHEADSET

Audio cables are available for: General Aviation, Helicopter (U174), and Bose headsets.  Cables are available to connect directly to an audio panel or wiring harness.  With these cables, the EAGLEi 4K will record everything you hear and say, including intercom and ATC transmissions.


Robust Data

The EAGLEi 4K provides robust data logging with a built-in GPS receiver and Inertial Measurement Unit.

GPS Integration

A 10Hz GPS receiver is built into the mounting bracket for datalogging and video overlay.  The GPS antenna is attached with an push-pull SMB connector, and can also be remotely mounted for more reliable signal reception, depending on the airframe and mounting location of the EAGLEi 4K unit.

Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for Attitude Data

The EAGLEi 4K features a built-in IMU to capture acceleration and angular data at up to 10Hz refresh rate.  The data is saved to an internal log file and can also be overlaid directly on the video.

Complete Control

The EAGLEi 4K is a black box recorder, but thanks to the additional User USB recording media, it also offers the versatility of a user-operated 4K video camera.  With USB 3.0 video and data capture, remote control inputs, and video monitor output, the EAGLEi 4K is a highly functional video and data capture system for any operation.


While the EAGLEi 4K is always recording to internal memory, its unit-mounted switches and externally wired Record Start/Stop and Audio Mute switch inputs provide the operator direct control of their USB3.0 recordings.

Synchronise multiple EAGLEi 4K units to operate as a single system, or add in our compatible GPS Automation module to control recording and camera selection based on GPS location and path.

System Status

A simple, yet informative pair of LEDs on the front of the camera alert the user when USB is recording, or if there is a problem.  Wired LED drive outputs in the system interface connector also mirror the status of the LEDs on the unit; with the wired inputs and status outputs, control the camera using switches and lamps built right into the cockpit.

Internal Power Control Module

The EAGLEi 4K features a robust internal power control module with a 520mAh backup battery allowing it to operate as a blackbox, as well as continue recording for a predetermined duration following loss of external power.  In addition the EAGLEi 4K PCM accepts any standard aircraft voltage from 10-32VDC with power filtering, and reverse voltage protection, in accordance with FAA standards.  Using an intelligent charging system backup power cells are automatically recharged every time the system powers on.  Best of all, the charging system is built into every EAGLEi 4K as a standard feature.


Airframe-Specific Wiring Harnesses & Mounting Available

The standard wiring harness provides all of the I/O connections needed to connect with the aircraft.  Cabling can be built-to order for specific airframes or individual aircraft requirements.  Contact Rugged Video for more details.


Alternate Mounting Options Available

A hinged mounting bracket with longer extension arm is available, allowing for installation on a vertical surface.  Additionally, fixed right-angle, non-hinged brackets are available.  Contact Rugged Video for more details.

Video Resolution/Framerate 4Kp30 (3840×2160), 2Kp30 (2560×1440), 1080p60, 720p60
Compression/ Bitrate H.264 & H.265 Encoding (Selectable); VBR 20mbps+
Lens 150 Degree FOV Standard (170 Diag) – other lens options available
Data Overlay GPS, Inertial/Attitude data, Date/Time
Video Output Composite/Analog NTSC, PAL, 75ohm 1V p-p
Input/ Sources

External: Analog Stereo, Line Level up to 8V P-P General Aviation, Helicopter (U174), Bose 6-Pin Microphone, AUX Jack Input, RCA Input, 1/4” Input, XLR input.  Input channels are buffered for compatibility with all intercom systems including 3D Audio.

Internal: Ambient Audio Microphone (Amplified)

Audio Mixing Channel-isolated stereo mixing means your intercom audio is captured without reducing headset audio quality.
Compression AAC 64kbps (16 kHz)

Front Panel:  USB 3.0 Record Start/Stop, USB 3.0 Audio Mute, System Reset (Inset)

Rear Connector (Harness): USB 3.0 Record Start/Stop, USB 3.0 Audio Mute, Engine Failure/General Purpose Input

Indicators Front Panel: Record, Common Fault
Rear Connector (Harness): USB 3.0 Record Status, System Common Fault (Recording, GPS, Engine, other faults)


Receiver / Antenna Amplfied GNSS antenna built into bracket.  SMB Connector for remote antenna mounting.
Sample Rate Video Text Overlay: 2Hz
KML/GPX: 1Hz, 5Hz, 10Hz
GPS Companion Files GPX  – Synced with Video.  Future support: Waypoints & JPEG Snapshots with wired trigger input
SD (Internal) 32GB Max Endurance Memory (2+ Hours Record Time @ 4K Video Resolution)

Up to 128GB USB 3.0 with SanDisk Max Endurance Video Recording Memory
(8-10 hours Record Time @4K Video Resolution)

Input 10 to 36VDC  4.25W Compatible with all standard Aircraft DC Power Systems
Temperature Range Operation: -15°C to +80°C (~0°F to 176°F) Storage: -40°C to +85°C (-40°F to 185°F)
Max Dimensions L, W, H 4.1″ x 3.89″ x 1.47″

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Click to View the Datasheet: RV-EAGLEi-Flyer R7