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The RV 4×1 Video Switcher

The RV 4×1 is a rugged, four channel, high definition video switcher designed for seamless switching of 3G-SDI video signals.  This 4×1 can switch cameras manually via four buttons on the front panel, manually with remote wired  switches, or by GPS waypoints or on a timer.  The selected video signal is then output via two SDI output connectors.  This RV 4×1 Video Switcher is often paired with a Commander DVR for tour operations.

Multiple styles of RV-4X1 switcher are available – contact [email protected] for more details.


Can be paired with most Rugged Video Cameras (HD29 shown)

Camera Selection

RV-4X1-NA is a 4-input, 1-output video switcher for SDI signals up to the 3G-SDI standard.  The 4X1-NA operates on aircraft power (10-32VDC) and provides regulated 12VDC outputs for up to four cameras.  Select video inputs using push button controls on the front panel, or control with discrete wired inputs on the rear panel. 

The RV-4X1 GPS-enabled version can automatically switch between inputs, play MP3 narrations and soundtracks, mix MP3 audio with external analog audio inputs, and start/stop recordings on a connected DVR.  

Seamless Switching

When cycling through the cameras, you will not drop any frames with the Rugged Video Commander DVR.  With the reclocking feature, the signal integrity is not sacrificed.  There are many additional features of the 4×1 that may suit your needs, click the “Request Info” tab to ask specific questions about the product.

The RV 4×1 Video Switcher can come as a “BASE” standalone unit if you already have cameras or other video sources, or it can conifgured as a “PLUS” kit with equivalent number of cameras, cabling, and mounts.  Contact Rugged Video sales to configure kit options.  This RV 4×1 has been paired with the Commander Recorder for tour operations (TourMaster4 recorder incorporates all of the RV-4×1 functionality into the same box as the DVR).  The system can be paired with the Crusader Recorder as well, and this combination is also offered in one enclosure as the TourMaster.

Switching Cameras

Using the four push buttons on the front of the unit, a specific video input is selected and routed to the video output connector.  Alternatively, use discrete wired inputs to remotely select video inputs.  Video output connects to any SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI compatible video monitor, Multi-Function Display, or Digital Video Recorder.


Commander PDF

Flight Tour PDF

Flight Tour PDF