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Our mission is to help people capture and share their experiences in extreme environments.


This manifests itself in our tour recording solutions that streamline the video capture and delivery process.  Tour operators need solutions that are: high quality, reliable, and easy to use.  The same requirements are true in Airborne Law Enforcement, Military, Aerial Patrol, and Mission Recording and Debriefing where our solutions are helping customers around the world.


Rugged Video’s development approach is to focus on simplicity.  We understand aviation and the physical and mental stresses placed on operators from flight tours to flight training.  Our goal is to make processes easier to complete and more effective.  In the end, this means developing systems that are dependable, easy to operate, and accomplish the mission in the fewest steps possible.



Rugged Video takes pride in our ability to rapidly develop solutions that are as impressive in capabilities as they are in reliability.  The key is a small group of dedicated individuals with capabilities in all aspects of development.  Rugged Video staff is versed in hardware design, software development, mechanical design , electrical design, PCB assembly, electronic assembly, and quality management and assurance.

Rugged Video isn’t just a development company, we have onsite machining, 3D printing, PCB assembly, electronic assembly, and testing/quality assurance equipment.  This allows us to develop, build, test, and deliver custom solutions faster and usually for less than any company in the industry.  Whether you are looking for something as simple as a custom camera mount, to something as complex as complete OEM product design and manufacturing, we have the capability to deliver.



Rugged Video is proud of our reputation and quality in the industry with AS9100 assembly options for critical aerospace applications.  Through Total Quality Management we aim to produce some of the most reliable onboard video solutions to the industry.

About Rugged Video

What our Customers Say

I’ve used a number of video systems over the years and recently moved to the Rugged Video system for my Flight Tour.  Rugged Video is the best system on the market because it records high quality video in a well put together package with features no one else can offer.
Mark Fitzsimmons

Owner, Blue Sky Helicopters

We chose Rugged Video because reliability is key for Aerial Patrol.  We trust the team at Rugged Video and they supply the best product.
Nathan Kayes

Managing Member, Due North Aviation

We are flight testing a large pod on a Gulfstream GIII.  We chose Rugged Video because the system offered what we needed,  it’s affordable, and was delivered fast.  Performance has been excellent, allowing a flight test engineer to monitor real time video in the cabin and the pilots to monitor the streamed video on their iPads in the cockpit.
George Camann

Software Engineer Manager, Calspan Corporation

Our Story

Rugged Video was founded by Roy Dietsch and Jimmy Crawford of Milwaukee, WI who’ve helped evolve and shape the rotorcraft video market space over the past decade with innovative, high value solutions.  Roy and Jimmy wanted to set out on their own to make solutions that focused on solving problems, not just recording video.  With a background in hardware, software, and mechanical engineering Roy and Jimmy began developing the solutions that would become the Future of Airborne Video. Rugged Video is now proud to say they are the market leader in Airborne Video offering the most advanced and most reliable solutions in the market. 

Roy Dietsch

Roy Dietsch

Co-Founder, CEO

Roy Dietsch has spent nearly a decade in the airborne video industry developing innovative solutions.  Roy received his M.B.A. from Concordia University and has a B.A. in Economics with a focus in Mathematical Sciences from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  Roy studied mechanical design and product development at the Milwaukee School of Engineering MSOE and Computer Sciences and Information Systems at the University of California-Berkeley.  Roy serves as Rugged Video’s CEO.

Jimmy Crawford

Jimmy Crawford


Jimmy got his start in onboard video providing solutions for Motorsports.  He used onboard video on his way to winning two SCCA National Championships.  Jimmy shifted his interest to aviation in the mid-2000′s and has worked in the industry since.  Jimmy has a degree in Business from the University of Phoenix and also studied at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and University of Pennsylvania Wharton School.  Jimmy is trained in electronic assembly, advanced PCB rework, as well as CAM and CNC machining.

Meet the Team

The Rugged Video team has over 35 year’s cumulative experience in airborne video systems.  Our team brings diverse backgrounds in electrical and mechanical engineering, operations, HR, economics, business, fine arts, and digital fabrication.


Rugged Video is a Wisconsin based LLC and SBA small business with offices and production facilities located in Cedarburg, WI which is just north of Milwaukee. 

Main Office
Rugged Video
W66N205 Commerce Ct.
Cedarburg, WI 53012

Rugged Video is a located 30 minutes from MKE (Mitchell International) and 1 hour 30 minutes north of ORD (Chicago-O’Hare International). DUNS: 079396390 NAICS: 334310, 334220

Rugged Video - Main Office