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HD21E – Airborne Ethernet IP Streaming Bullet Camera

1080p30 Aviation Ethernet IP Camera with PoE & Built-In Backup Recording



Production quality micro-HD Bullet Camera with 1080p30 resolution.

$999 $799

Image Quality: ****
Image Processing: ****
Low Light: ****


The Smallest 1080p30 Airborne Ethernet Camera with Built-In Recording

The HD21E is the smallest Airborne HD ethernet IP streaming bullet camera with built-in back-up recording and PoE on the market at 21.5mm (0.750″) in diameter, and just 95.5mm long.  The HD21E features a 2.1 megapixel Sony Starvis CMOS sensor and powerful DSP producing impressive results from such a small camera.  HD21E is compatible with most network-enabled aviation or military data recording platforms.  HD21E is NDAA compliant and ready for government projects.  HD21E is an ideal HD ethernet streaming camera for helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, as well as UAV, military, and other rugged applications – even space launch vehicles.

High Performance

The HD21E offers full 1080p30 HD with a latest generation Eyenix DSP featuring; Wide Dynamic Range, 2D and 3D digital noise reduction, and an advanced automatic gain control algorythm, shooting great video out-of-the-box in nearly any lighting situation.  Video is transmitted via: TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DHCP, AUTO IP, JGMP, ICMP, HTTP, UPnP, FTP, SMTP, SNTP, DNX, RTSP, and RTMP.

Rugged & Waterproof

Housed in a machined aluminum enclosure the HD21E is IP67 waterproof tested to 2m for 1 week), making it tough enough to handle most weather conditions.  The HD21E is an ideal low maintenance ethernet camera for mounting inside or outside the cockpit, or in hard-to-reach or infrequently serviced areas.


A powerful DSP allows users to adjust settings such as; resolution and frame rate, shutter speed, white balance, back-light compensation, wide dynamic range, gain level, noise reduction, and flip, mirror, or rotate the image.  A wide range of standard M12(S-mount) lenses allows users to choose nearly any field of view.  Unlike SDI video cameras, HD21E also offers a wide range of image framerates, from 1fps to 30fps, and image resolutions from 1920×1080 (Full HD) down to 320 x 240.  Power the camera with a 12VDC power source, or with PoE.

Configuration - Lenses & Cabling

The HD21E has the option for different cable configurations and different lens options.

Cable Type

HD21E standard model ships with a cable seal for the mating ethernet cable.  The 2.1×5.5mm barrel power connector includes a watertight plug for protection when not in use.  The cable extends ~17-18″ from the back of the camera to the connectors.

Factory Standard Model:  RV-CAM-HD21E-(_._mm)



HRS Power Connector

The power connector is available with a Hirose LF07WBJ-6P connector, or a customer-specified connector.


Lenses: RV-LENS-M12-##.##mm

The HD21E lens is protected by a scratch resistant polycarbonate window and sealed aluminum hood.  For the most demanding applications, a Sapphire window may be available.  HD21E has an IR cut filter installed on the image sensor by default.  Because the IMX327 sensor is sensitive to NIR wavelengths, daylight images would appear with a reddish tint without a filter.  Some lenses also have IR coatings or IR cut filters installed.  IR-filtered lenses are denoted with the “IR” suffix in the part number.

The HD21E Micro HD Bullet Camera has the option of lenses from 160 degree wide angle to 8 degree zoom.  Lenses are a fixed focal length M12 or S-Mount type with an adjustable focus.  Some lenses may not be compatible with the waterproof lens hood.

When referring to a single “FOV” angle, Rugged Video literature is considering the diagonal FOV; however, for many applications it is important to also know the horizontal and vertical angles.  The table below lists the actual FOV angles measured using most standard lenses with the HD21E camera.  To illustrate the effects of lens distortion, we have measured FOV at both the center and the edges of the image.  Measurements are provided for reference only and may be slightly different than those measured by different methods.

 Rugged Video M12 Lens FOV Chart

Illustration of Lens FOV and Distortion Effects

Illustration of Lens FOV and Distortion Effects

Additional focal lengths and vari-focal lenses are available as special order options.  While most lenses and lens hoods are stocked, some less common waterproof lens hoods may be non-stock with leadtimes of 4-8wks.


2.8mm - 25yds

2.8mm – 25yds

3.6mm - 25yds

3.6mm – 25yds

4mm - 25yds

4mm – 25yds

6mm - 25yds

6mm – 25yds

8mm - 25yds

8mm – 25yds

12mm - 25yds

12mm – 25yds

16mm - 25yds

16mm – 25yds

Mounting Options

HD21E features a standard 1/4″-20 mounted boss on the back of the camera and a wrap around collar for use with standard camera mounts.  The aluminum collar is designed to reduce vibration and stress, by supporting the camera from the center mass.

Aluminum Collar Mount (Included)


Available Mounts

A number of off-the-shelf mounts are available for the HD21E, each using the standard 1/4″-20 stud.

Big Mite – is a cast aluminum collar, machined ball, and spud. The spud can be bolted directly to a solid surface using a #8 to 1/4″ flat machine screw.  The collar is then clamped to the spud and locks the ball in place.  The Big Mite is a larger version of the MiniMite designed to support larger cameras in high vibration environments. Bite Mite Mount with Spud Base. Bite Mite Mount with Spud Base.
Mini Mite – is a cast aluminum collar, machined ball, spud, and extension with a flat base option. The spud can be bolted directly to a solid surface using a #4 to #10 flat machine screw.  The collar is then clamped to the spud and locks the ball in place.  Alternatively the spud can be affixed to the flat base which can be attached to a solid surface using 4 x #4 or #6 screws.  The Mini Mite is designed for smaller cameras like the HD29, HD19, HD30, or HD21E. Mini-Mite Mount, with Spud Base, Flat Base, and Extension. Mini-Mite Mount, with Spud Base, Flat Base, and Extension.
Ultra-Clamp Mount – is a cast aluminum frame with a poly-carbonate injection molded adjustment attachment.  This mount is clamped to a secure bar or flat with a hand screw.  Additionally the top may be removed and mounted directly to any surface using a 1/4″-20 screw.  This mount can hold any size Rugged Video camera. Ultra Clamp Mount with Adjuster Arm Ultra Clamp Mount with Adjuster Arm
Locking Suction Mount – Is an injection molded poly-carbonate mount with the same aluminum collar and ball as the Big Mite.  The suction mount features a wide cup that can attach to any smooth, hard, clean surface.  The suction cup is secured with a lever that creates additional vacuum within the cup.  This mount can hold any Rugged Video camera, but should only be used inside the cockpit for portable installations.  The mount is secured with air-pressure and thus should be tethered to avoid injury should a change in pressure occur, or the mount was to lose pressure. Locking Suction Mount Locking Suction Mount
2.1″ Pedestal Mount – is a cast aluminum collar, machined ball, and formed steel flat base with overall height of 2.1″. The base can be attached directly to a solid surface using 3 x #4 screws.  The ball is secured with friction by using a winged screw.  The pedestal is designed for smaller cameras like the HD29, HD19, HD30, or HD21E. Pedestal Mount Pedestal Mount
Items Description
Image Sensor 1/2.8″ Sony Starvis IMX327 CMOS
Scanning System Progressive
Effective Pixels Number 1,945(H) x 1,097(V), 2.13M Pixels (Full-HD)
Total number of Pixels 1,956(H) x 1,109(V), 2.16M Pixels (Full-HD)
Lens Mount S-Mount, M12, Board Style
Video Resolution 1080p, 720p, 800×600, 704×480, 704×400, 640×480, 640×360
Video Frame Rate 30FPS, 15FPS, 10FPS, 6FPS, 5FPS, 3FPS, 2FPS, 1FPS
Video Output Mode TCP/IP, UDP/IP, DHCP, AUTO IP, JGMP,
Video Encoding H.264 Baseline / Main, CVBR, CBR, VBR
Video Bitrate 128kb to 20Mb/sec
Min. Illumination Color: 0.01Lux
Recording 30sec clips to internal MicroSD card
Configuration Built-in web server
Electronic Shutter Speed Auto / Manual (1/30 ~ 1/30,000)
White Balance ATW / AWC / Indoor / Outdoor / Manual
Back Light Compensation Off / WDR / BLC / ACE
D-WDR/ACCE Low / Middle / High / Off, 0~15 steps-[
AGC 0~15 steps
Adjust Sharpness / Monitor / OSD / LSC / Video Out (NTSC/PAL)
Language ENG, JPN, CHN
Day & Night Auto / B.W / Color / EXT (Selectable)
Digital Zoom / PIP On / Off (x2 ~ x64)
Privacy Masking On / Off (8 Zone Selectable)
Motion Detection On / Off (4 Zone Selectable)
Defog Low / Middle / High / Off (Position/Size – User Setting)
Sens – Up Auto (Selectable limit ~ x30) / Off
D – Effect Freeze / Mirror / D-ZOOM / NEG.IMAGE
Power PoE or DC12V ±10%, 1.6W Max
Operating Temperature -0 C ~ 70 C (Humidity: 0%RH ~ 80%RH) (-25C optional)
Storage Temperature -45 C ~ 85 C (Humidity: 0%RH ~ 90%RH)
Dimension 21.5mm diameter x 96.7mm length
Weight Approximately 87.9g (3.1oz, including cable)