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Commander Recorder

The Commander Recorder can capture full 1080p HD video and save to four USB flash drives.  Advanced features such as Logo overlay, Pre-roll, and an onboard Chroma display make it a great choice for: Flight Tours, Aerial Patrol, and Flight Training.

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Crusader Recorder

Record multiple channels of HD video in up to 1080p60 resolution.  Common in Aerial Patrol and Airborne Law Enforcement with robust GPS integration for recording video from multi-sensor gimbal cameras.

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RV-ONE Recorder

Legacy Product superseded by Crusader Recorder

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TourMaster Switcher/Recorder

Creates an edited professional video while in flight with up to four cameras, seamless switching, soundtracks and narrations, titles and credits, and snapshots all Automated based on GPS.

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RV-sFOUR Switcher/Recorder

Legacy Product superseded by TourMaster Recorder.

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29mm Square HD Camera

This compact camera can capture full 1080p60.  With a variety of lens options, it is sure to capture the shot you seek.

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19mm Micro-Bullet Camera

At 1080p30 or composite output, this bullet camera is going to give exceptional picture quality out of a compact form factor.  NTSC or PAL available.

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25mm HD Bullet Camera

This camera is great for tight spaces that require a rugged HD camera.

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4x1 Video Switcher

The RV 4x1 Switcher is a rugged, four channel, high definition video switcher designed for seamless switching of 3G-SDI video signals.  This 4x1 can switch cameras manually via four buttons on the front panel, manually via an extended switch, or via GPS waypoints or on a timer.  The selected video signal is then output via two SDI output connectors.

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Remote Viewing System

Rugged Video offers a complete remote viewing system designed for Aerial Firefighting, Long Line Operators, and Search & Rescue.   The Remote Viewing System was developed specifically to minimize latency which allows real time control of a sling, cargo hook, or hoist through a remote camera and monitor.  If you are looking for live viewing, this is your set up!

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Multiplexer (PIP) Processor

This Picture-in-Picture Processor can take in up to 4 HD-SDI cameras and display them on one screen/recording.  You can have them as a quad screen layout, one main with three across the top or bottom, or any other way you wish to overlay them.  Great for when you want to capture multiple angles all on one video file.

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Co-Pilot Control Box

System mounted out of view?  Use the Co-Pilot to check status of your unit, start/stop recording, and trigger waypoints/snapshots.


The Narrator

Only want to record headset audio at certain times?  Use the Narrator PTT (Push to Talk) unit to seamlessly capture only the audio you need.


SD and USB Media

To record video on our products, all media needs to be in a FAT 32 format.  We send an SD card and USB Key with all units we sell and you can either purchase additional ones from us or any reputable store/website.  (USB 3.0 is recommended)


Start/Stop Trigger with LED

This wired switch can be dash mounted to give control to a recorder mounted out of reach.  With a built in LED, the switch will show record status.  Solid green means ready to record and blinking green means that you are recording.


Push Button Trigger

This momentary trigger is used to capture waypoints or snapshots and is used with our Narrator push to talk box.


Lenses for the HD29

We offer a variety of lenses for our HD29 Square Camera.  From 135 degree FOV down to a 20, we will have the one you need to capture the perfect shot.


Camera Mounts

Shown here are the Clamp mounts that we offer.  A variety of mounts come with our systems and the are all going to be the standard 1/4 x 20 thread found on your typical Ram mounts, etc.


HD Monitors

We offer a few different HD monitors to view your live feed from the recorder or for if you just want to view a camera that you have set up in the tail.