Purchase - Rugged Video - Airborne Video Systems

We understand that this is a large and carefully considered purchase.  Here are some pages that can help make the process less overwhelming-


Presale Process

Here you can go through the steps of finding your solution, customizing it to your needs, and finalizing it.



This is a form that will ask a series of questions pertaining to your video needs/wants and is then sent to a Rugged Video Rep to put a system together to fit your needs.


Request a Quote

A more simplified form than the build-a-system, this will get you in contact with a Rugged Video Rep quickly.


Payment Options

Once you have a finalized quote, you can make a payment by visiting this page or calling us at 414-399-3370


Shipping Information

Most systems are shipped via FedEx Ground.  On this page you can see how long it would take to get your system.