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Cedarburg, Wisconsin (December 8, 2022)

Rugged Video LLC announces the delivery of 29 EAGLEi 4K Ultra HD Flight Data Recording Systems for the Academic Aviation Training Center of the Polish Air Force University (Lotnicza Akademia Wojskowa).  The systems are an upgrade to 29 flight training aircraft including 6 Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopters and a mix of 23 Diamond DA20, DA40, and DA42 fixed-wing aircraft.

Rugged Video completed the project in partnership with Aero Club, a premier Pilatus, Diamond, Piper and Bell service centre in Poland.  The avionics contract was awarded to Aero Club by the Polish Air Force University in early November, 2022.

Seth Gudmundson, Rugged Video’s COO, credits the company’s operations team for making this project possible:
“We’ve shifted our operations strategy and invested more in component inventories, allowing us to quickly deliver products at scale.  As a result, the complete order shipped to Aero Club only 9 days after the award, which had a contractual delivery window of only 3 weeks.”

Kamil Kruszczak, of the certifying staff at Aero Club, selected EAGLEi 4K for the bid due to its performance as a low-cost alternative to bulkier and more expensive traditional flight data recorders:

“This will lead to increase of training and safety standards in one of the most modern and quickly growing fleets among comparable units in other European countries.” – Kamil Kruszczak, Aero Club Certifying Staff

EAGLEi 4K is the industry-first dual-media 4K UHD Class C Airborne Image Recorder (AIRS), giving operators of rotorwing and fixed-wing aircraft a truly affordable, versatile, and high value flight recording option.  The all-in-one unit records 4K UHD Video, aircraft and ambient audio, GPS and inertial data to both internal and removable memory.  EAGLEi 4K is accepted as a flight recorder for US Forest Service contracts under solicitations 1202SA22R9201, 1202SA22R9202, 1202SA22R9203 (National Helicopter Support Services MATOC), and with the New Zealand Dept. of Conservation.

Rugged Video also develops and manufactures cameras and recording equipment for aircraft OEMs, and has a full lineup of HD and 4K UHD video cameras and recording systems for all airborne and rugged applications: