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HD39E – Compact, Rugged H.264 Airborne IP Ethernet Camera

1080p30 Mini HD Camera for Aerospace and Beyond



HD39E Airborne H.264 IP Camera 

Rugged and compact IP camera with IP68 rating, backup recording, and dual streaming

Image Quality: ****
Image Processing: ****
Low Light: ****


The Smallest Weather-rated Airborne IP Camera Available

HD39E is the most compact exterior-rated IP camera available, optimized for size, weight, and power (SWaP) at 39mm (0.750″) square, and just 72mm(2.8″) long.  Ideal for manned and unmanned applications, HD39E is well suited for eVTOL remote monitoring, rocket /launch telemetry and hypersonic vehicles, flight test instrumentation (FTI), military vehicles, and more.

HD39E features a 2.1 megapixel Full-HD Sony CMOS sensor and powerful DSP producing impressive results from such a small camera.

With built-in MIL-STD-704A/F power input protection and designed to meet DO-160 standards, HD39E is certification-ready for any application, including flight test instrumentation (FTI), commercial data acquisition, rocket / launch vehicle telemetry and monitoring, de-icing, and more.

High Performance

HD39E offers full 1080p30 HD with built-in Image Signal Processor providing; Wide Dynamic Range, 2D and 3D digital noise reduction, and an advanced automatic gain control algorithm, shooting great video out-of-the-box in nearly any lighting situation.

Rugged & Waterproof

Housed in a machined aluminum enclosure, HD39E is IP68 rated, making it tough enough to handle any weather condition.  The camera features a 1.5mm thick impact and scratch-resistant sapphire window, durable anodized aluminum enclosure, optional inert gas purge/backfill (Argon gas), and can be built with standard or custom connector styles such as Hirose LF07 series, or D38999.

HD39E is built tough, with built-in protection meeting MIL-STD-704 for: ESD, voltage spike, reverse voltage, overvoltage/surge, undervoltage, overcurrent, and hot-swap tolerant.  HD39E is powered directly by aircraft power, requiring no external voltage regulator.

The HD39E is an ideal low maintenance solution for mounting in hard-to-reach locations.


The powerful image processor allows users to adjust settings such as; resolution and frame rate, shutter speed, white balance, back-light compensation, wide dynamic range, gain level, noise reduction, and flip, mirror, or rotate the image.

Dual H.264 + single MJPEG streams makes it easy to capture Full HD 1080p30 H.264-encoded video at 20Mbps (or up to 50Mbps MJPEG video) on a local network, while simultaneously streaming at a lower resolution / frame rate / bit rate over a Satcom, cellular, or microwave downlink.

HD39E is available with optional Max Endurance internal memory and records the video at full quality.  The camera is easily configured with its built-in web interface, or using the built-in CGI command API.

Two enclosure lengths are available to accommodate a wide range of standard M12(S-mount) lenses, allowing operators to specify nearly any field of view when ordering.


HD39E and HD21E are part of a common technology platform that has been adopted by projects in eVTOL, hypersonic vehicles, space launch systems, exo-atmospheric (rocket) telemetry, rotorcraft, fixed-wing aircraft, military UAV and USV, and more.  The HD21E / HD39E platform transmitted video seen throughout India and the world in November 2022, as Skyroot successfully completed the first private industry space launch in Indian history. 

Configuration - Lenses & Cabling


A breakout cable with built-in Power Over Ethernet (PoE) splitter and separate DC power inputs is available with the camera, making camera setup, testing, and integration a breeze.  The DC input can also be used as a DC output when PoE is powering the camera, making it easy to monitor camera status or even power small accessories.

Rugged Video stocks a large variety of cabling materials, and can also build custom extension cabling on request to meet nearly any connector or cabling material requirements.


Argon Gas Backfill

HD39E is assembled in a controlled environment of 30-40% relative humidity at 70°C, and has a low probability of lens fogging.  For fog-free performance, Rugged Video offers an inert gas purge/backfill process option, which removes all air from the camera before filling it with >99% pure Argon gas inside a controlled-atmosphere glove box.

Lenses: RV-LENS-M12-__.__MM-__

The HD39E lens is protected by a fully sealed, impact-resistant and nearly scratch-proof 1.5mm Sapphire window.  The HD39E camera has an IR cut filter installed on the image sensor by default.  Because the IMX327 sensor is sensitive to NIR wavelengths, daylight images would appear with a reddish tint without a filter.  Some lenses also have IR coatings or IR cut filters installed.  IR-filtered lenses are denoted with the “IR” suffix in the part number.  Certain applications may actually require NIR sensitivity; HD39E is also available without an IR cut filter for such cases.

The HD39E IP camera has the option of lenses from 142 degree wide angle to 23 degree zoom.  Lenses are a fixed focal length M12 with factory-adjustable focus depth.  HD39E is also available with a slightly longer enclosure to accomodate lenses with narrower telephoto focal lengths.

When referring to a single “FOV” angle, Rugged Video literature considers the diagonal FOV; however, for many applications it is important to also know the horizontal and vertical angles.  The table below lists the actual FOV angles measured using most standard lenses with the HD39E camera (IMX-327 sensor).  To illustrate the effects of lens distortion, we have measured FOV at both the center and the edges of the image.  Measurements are provided for reference only and may be slightly different than those measured by different methods.  HD39E may accomodate other lenses on request.  Contact [email protected] to discuss specific project requirements and configure your camera.


Rugged Video Lens FOV chart

Rugged Video M12 Lens FOV Chart

Illustration of Lens FOV and Distortion Effects

Illustration of Lens FOV and Distortion Effects


2.8mm - 25yds

2.8mm – 25yds

3.6mm - 25yds

3.6mm – 25yds

4mm - 25yds

4mm – 25yds

6mm - 25yds

6mm – 25yds

8mm - 25yds

8mm – 25yds

12mm - 25yds

12mm – 25yds

16mm - 25yds

16mm – 25yds

Mounting Options

The HD39E features (16) M2-tapped threads, four per side, which can be mounted directly, or with a larger thread adapter plate such as the RV-10316M 1/4-20 mount adapter.  This allows the flexibility to mount the camera from below, above, from either side, or a combination of sides.

1/4-20 Aluminum Mount Adapter: RV-10316M



Off The Shelf Mounts

To quickly evaluate or install HD39E, several basic COTS mounts are available for the HD39E, each using the standard 1/4″-20 stud.

Big Mite – is a cast aluminum collar, machined ball, and spud. The spud can be bolted directly to a solid surface using a #8 to 1/4″ flat machine screw.  The collar is then clamped to the spud and locks the ball in place.  The Big Mite is a larger version of the MiniMite designed to support larger cameras in high vibration environments. Bite Mite Mount with Spud Base. Bite Mite Mount with Spud Base.
Mini Mite – is a cast aluminum collar, machined ball, spud, and extension with a flat base option. The spud can be bolted directly to a solid surface using a #4 to #10 flat machine screw.  The collar is then clamped to the spud and locks the ball in place.  Alternatively the spud can be affixed to the flat base which can be attached to a solid surface using 4 x #4 or #6 screws.  The Mini Mite is designed for smaller cameras like the HD29, HD19, or HD23. Mini-Mite Mount, with Spud Base, Flat Base, and Extension. Mini-Mite Mount, with Spud Base, Flat Base, and Extension.
Ultra-Clamp Mount – is a cast aluminum frame with a poly-carbonate injection molded adjustment attachment.  This mount is clamped to a secure bar or flat with a hand screw.  Additionally the top may be removed and mounted directly to any surface using a 1/4″-20 screw.  This mount can hold any size Rugged Video camera. Ultra Clamp Mount with Adjuster Arm Ultra Clamp Mount with Adjuster Arm
Locking Suction Mount – Is an injection molded poly-carbonate mount with the same aluminum collar and ball as the Big Mite.  The suction mount features a wide cup that can attach to any smooth, hard, clean surface.  The suction cup is secured with a lever that creates additional vacuum within the cup.  This mount can hold any Rugged Video camera, but should only be used inside the cockpit for portable installations.  The mount is secured with air-pressure and thus should be tethered to avoid injury should a change in pressure occur, or the mount was to lose pressure. Locking Suction Mount Locking Suction Mount
2.1″ Pedestal Mount – is a cast aluminum collar, machined ball, and formed steel flat base with overall height of 2.1″. The base can be attached directly to a solid surface using 3 x #4 screws.  The ball is secured with friction by using a winged screw.  The pedestal is designed for smaller cameras like the HD29, HD19, or HD23. Pedestal Mount Pedestal Mount
Items Description
Image Sensor 1/2.8″ Sony IMX327 Progressive Scan
Resolution 1080p, 720p, 800×600, 704×480/400, 640×480/360, 320×240
Frame Rate(s) 30, 25, 15, 10, 6, 5, 3, 2, 1 [frames per second]
Min. Illumination 0.05 Lux / 0.005Lux (Sens-up)
Shutter Speed auto/manual: 1/30 – 1/30,000
Signal Processing Adjustable AGC, anti-sat, sens-up, HLC & BLC backlight, 3D digital noise reduction, adaptive contrast enhancement (ACE), WDR, AWB, manual & push-lock WB, saturation, RGB color gains, sharpness, defog, shading, privacy, motion detect, flip, mirror, gamma, configurable day/night, color/B&W, others…
H.264 Streams Two streams (independent ctrl): frame rate, resolution, bandwidth
simultaneous H.264 primary, secondary, & MJPEG streams
H.264 Main & Sub Streams 128kb to 20Mb/sec
H.264 Profiles Baseline, Main
M-JPEG Stream 1Mb to 50Mb/sec
Camera Configuration Built-in HTTP web server & CGI command API
Download Recordings Built-in web interface or FTP
Lens Standard lens 3.6mm (116° diag)
Multiple options from 142° to 23° FOV (diag) – factory installed
Recording Internal Sandisk Max Endurance MicroSD card, up to 256GB
Connectors Hirose LF07WBR-6P (power + ethernet)  – OR –
MIL-DTL-38999 Series III, Tri-Start™ TV
Custom connector options available
Mounting (16x) M2 machine threads
1/4“-20 machine thread mount adapters (fits all 4 sides)
tilt-bracket mount adapter plates avail.
Power 12-32 Vdc, 1.8W Max
Input Protection Reverse polarity to -300VDC, ESD, overvoltage, overcurrent, hot swap,
sustained voltage to 80VDC, up to 1mS surge @ 250VDC
Interface 10/100 Base-T 4-wire ethernet
Minimum Cold Start Temperature Options from 0C down to -40C (specified at time of purchase)
Operating Temperature -40 to 80C
Environmental/Qualification MIL-STD-704, DO-160, IP68 Waterproof, Inert Gas (Argon) purge/backfill process (optional), electronics encapsulation (optional)
Dimension 39mm square x 41.9mm length (47.2mm for telephoto lenses)
Weight Approximately 3-4oz
Enclosure Machined, anodized aluminum exterior w/1.5mm thick sapphire window.  Alternate enclosure materials available.

HD39E IP Ethernet Camera Specs - Link