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Airborne Law Enforcement

Rugged Video offers complete multi-sensor recording systems to upgrade outdated recording solutions or to record video from a new gimbal installation.  Rugged Video systems offer the latest High Definition recorders that are plug-and-play with pre-installed Gimbal and FLIR systems.

Commander Recorder


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The Commander DVR is a single, dual, or three channel video system which can capture video from up to three cameras.  It can be dzus rail mounted or put in a cargo hold out of the way.  Complete systems can record multiple high definition or standard definition video signals to a USB Flash Drive or SD Card.


Designed to record video from multi-sensor gimbal systems, the recorders that Rugged Video offers can accept video from a variety of high definition and standard definition sources, including: 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SDI, HDMI, DVI, NTSC, and PAL.  Additional signal types can be recorded from Rugged Video supplied or commercially available signal converters.  System power is provided directly from the aircraft 14V or 28V system.  Audio input cables are provided as a U-174 helicopter headset pass-through or direct audio panel connections.  GPS data can be recorded from a supplied Garmin antenna/receiver or from most external flight deck or GPS/NAV systems.


As an option, custom text and GPS data can be overlaid directly on the recorded video, ideal for evidence or debriefing purposes.  Coordinates, altitude, speed, and heading can be selected to display on the video.  Optionally, 3D flight path data will be recorded to the media as a KML and GPX file which can be viewed in Google Earth and most commercial geospatial software packages.


Headset audio is recorded via headset pass-through cable or can be connected directly to the audio panel.  Audio will then include all ATC and in cockpit communication including system warnings.

Black Box Recorder

When the system is set to black box video mode, it will start recording upon power up and close the file upon power down.  Having a gimbal black box can be used in the event of a malfunction or any other event in which the video file needs to be pulled off of the system.



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The ability to link two or three units together can increase efficiency.  With the synchronous triggers, systems are controlled with a single record switch.  Unit stacking also allows for the system to be upgraded in the future by adding additional channels.  Units are stacked with side plates that screw in place, a multilink cable, and a power cable.

Other Camera Options

In addition to connecting to most FLIR and Gimbal cameras, Rugged Video offers a line of small, rugged HD cameras to add another view to the system.  The addition of a cockpit camera can add to the functionality as a training or monitoring tool.  Adapter cables for nearly any input type can be provided for ease of installation.


Systems can be configured to start recording upon power up or via command of the record switch.  Video and GPS data are stored to USB or SD media.  Once on the ground, media can be removed as soon as the recording is stopped without having to power down the system.


Using standard SD or USB, video and GPS data can be easily reviewed on any PC or MAC using standard media players.  Copies can be made quickly and efficiently for evidence storage or review.

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