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Rugged Video offers three series of HD recorders for airborne applications.  They each offer excellent High Definition video and feature sets specific to an application.  Listed is a brief overview of the recorders and by clicking on them, it will bring you to a more detailed product page.  Please do not hesitate to email or call us with questions about them or to inquire about which recorder would be best for your application.  We pride ourselves on meeting our customer’s needs and helping in any way we can.

Commander Recorder

The Commander Recorder can capture full 1080p HD video and save four USB flash drives.  Advanced features such as Logo overlay, Pre-roll, and an onboard Chroma display make it a great choice for: Flight Tours, Aerial Patrol, and Flight Training.

Commander HD Recorder



Typical Applications

Crusader Recorder

Record multiple channels of HD video in up to 1080p60 resolution.  Common in Aerial Patrol and Airborne Law Enforcement with robust GPS integration for recording video from multi-sensor gimbal cameras.  The Crusader also features GPS Automation and Audio Mixing.


Crusader Recorder




Typical Applications

TourMaster Switcher/Recorder

Create professional videos with multiple cameras, soundtracks and narrations, titles and credits, automatically while in flight.  Built specifically for Flight Tours the TourMaster creates the highest quality videos in the air and simplifies the distribution process on the ground.


TourMaster Recorder/Switcher



Typical Applications

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Legacy Products

Legacy products are still available in some capacity but have been superseded by upgraded solutions.

RV-ONE Recorder


RV-ONE Airborne Recorder

The RV-ONE has been superseded by the Crusader.  The Crusader offers the same functionality as the RV-ONE with the addition of GPS Automation, Audio Mixing, and a more Durable and Reliable design.

RV-sFOUR Recorder/Switcher

RV-sFOUR Flight Tour Recorder

The RV-sFOUR has been superseded by the TourMaster.  The TourMaster offers the same functionality as the RV-sFOUR with the addition of GPS Automation, Audio Mixing, and a more Durable and Reliable design.