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EAGLEi 4K Video Flight Data Recorder


The most affordable 4K UHD Video and Flight Data Recorder on the market!   EAGLEi 4K is a top choice for commercial and government fleets, Helicopter EMS / Air Ambulance operators, flight schools, flight test groups, survey operations, private operators, flight tours, and any flight operator who wants to add the safety and everyday benefits of a lightweight flight data recording solution.

Key Features

The EAGLEi 4K captures: Wide Dynamic Range cockpit video at 4K UHD, 30fps resolution, two channels of line-in audio, ambient cockpit audio, GPS data, acceleration, and rotational/attitude data.  It records to hardened 32GB internal media as a black box, and to external USB 3.0 flash drives for user controlled recordings with the built-in USB record start/stop switch.  EAGLEi 4K even provides external inputs for USB record start/stop, USB audio on-off/PTT, waypoint/snapshot, oil pressure / engine failure, drives externally wired record and fault status indicators, and provides a composite video output to aid in camera aiming and for connection to an EFIS / MFD display.

Reliable, Universal Mounting

A tough, universal mounting bracket makes it a snap to install from above, below, or behind the EAGLEi 4K with 3-axis adjustability.  Rear 45 degree connectors mean the wiring is easy to install, yet remains out of sight.  A GPS antenna is built right into the mounting bracket, and can easily be swapped for a remote-mounted antenna if the recorder mounting location precludes a clear GPS signal window to the sky.  Chose the short mounting bracket for mounting to a horizontal surface such as a ceiling or a tray, or the long bracket for mounting to a vertical surface such as a bulkhead/firewall.


Accepted by the US Forest Service in 2021, EAGLEi 4K is built to the task.  A ruggedized, fully machined aluminum enclosure, internal solid-state PCBs, and a lens mounted directly to the enclosure ensure a steady image and protect valuable data in the event of an accident.  Locking harness and GPS connections ensure reliable, uninterrupted operation.  Not sure?  Watch EAGLEi 4K launch into a brick wall and continue to record.

Flexible Operation

Video and data are always recording to the internal memory as long as the EAGLEi 4K is powered.  Start and stop recording to external USB3.0 drives on demand with the built-in record switch, or synchronize multiple cameras with an external switch for Record start/stop on demand.  Adjust settings such as video resolution, datalogging rates, and more.  Watch live video on a dedicated monitor or MFD using the built-in composite video output.  Compatible with Rugged Video’s proven video switching and GPS Automation systems for flight tours and more!

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EAGLEi 4K is the most advanced Lightweight Video Camera and Flight Data Recorder on the market.  A Class C Airborne Image Recorder, EAGLEi 4K is compliant with HEMS flight recorder mandates including FAA 135.607 for Air Ambulance Operators, meets key 2021 New Zealand Department of Conservation requirements, and the requirements of US Forest Service Solicitation No. 1202SA21R9008.

Featuring cinema-quality 4K UHD video, the EAGLEi 4K records video, audio, and data to hardened internal memory, plus user accessible USB 3.0 recording media.

Captures: 4K UHD Video @30fps, 2 channels of line-in audio, ambient audio, GPS data, acceleration & rotation/attitude data.

Satisfies key government requirements for a lightweight instrument, audio, and data recorder.  Perfect for Flight Training, Flight Test, Air Work, Aerial Patrol and Survey, general safety and audit-ability, and more.  Add Revenue to Flight Schools and Tours with USB3.0 media.

Fleet discounts and customizations available.  Contact Rugged Video or order online now!

The EAGLEi 4K has been installed in numerous airframes worldwide including:

  • Airbus AS350 / H125
  • Bell 407
  • Bell 206B3
  • Bell 206L4
  • Bell 204B
  • Bell UH-1H Huey
  • Bell UH-1F
  • Boeing CH-47 Chinook
  • Erickson S-64 Skycrane
  • Eurocopter EC120
  • Guimbal Cabri G2
  • MBB/Kawasaki BK117
  • McDonnell Douglas McMD500
  • Sikorsky S-61
  • Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk

Purchase the base kit online, or contact Rugged Video for questions about leadtimes, customization, or technical info.