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The Commander Controller was featured in the technology spot light of the September issue of  Rotorcraft Pro Magazine.



Automation for Flight Tour Operators

The Commander Controller is a control unit designed specifically for Flight Tour operators to automate and improve major portions of the customer experience while allowing pilots to focus more on the aircraft and safety.  The Commander Controller has four key functions:

–          Automate Video Recording

–          Automate Camera Switching

–          Automate the Video Soundtrack

–          Overlay Text on to Video

–          Playing MP3 Audio through Headsets (Music and Safety Speeches)

The Commander Controller can be configured to control nearly any video system while having the ability to play music, narrations, and safety messages through passenger headsets.  Using an integrated GPS and Accelerometer, the Commander can be configured to trigger events based on: movement, speed, heading, or GPS waypoints.  Events can initiate or stop recording, switching of cameras, playing of audio, or overlaying predefined text onto the video.

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