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We are proud to introduce the New Crusader and TourMaster Airborne Video Recorders.  TourMaster_ISO_MedCrusader_ISO_MedThe Crusader and TourMaster use the same trusted encoder as the RV-ONE and RV-sFOUR but add more advanced features like: built-in Automation, Audio Mixing, and a more Durable and Reliable design.

The Crusader is a one, two, three, or four channel recorder designed to meet the needs of aerial patrol, airborne law enforcement, flight testing, and mission recording.

The TourMaster is designed specifically for flight tours; creating professionally edited videos while in flight and streamlining the distribution process while on the ground.

Both the Crusader and TourMaster share some major advances in technology:

Built-In Automation

Both the Crusader and TourMaster have the ability to be controlled completely based on GPS.  The systems can be configured to start and stop recording, play audio (like soundtracks, narrations, or safety messages), overlay titles, credits, or text on the video, take snapshots, and in the case of the TourMaster, switch cameras as well.

Automation allows the pilot to focus on their tasks at hand, reducing workload and improving safety.  Automation can be as simple as black-box operation up to creating production quality videos for flight tours.  Actions are triggered based on events such as: entering or leaving a waypoint, traveling a certain heading, reaching or passing a specific speed or acceleration value, or after a set duration of time.

Audio Mixing

Video is just part of the experience.  The TourMaster and Crusader use an internal audio amplifier and mixer to record both external audio, from a headset or microphone, along with pre-recorded MP3 files like soundtracks, narrations, or safety messages.

Audio is recorded on the video and has the option to be output to aircraft headsets.  Ideal for tour operators who want to support multiple language narrations of their tour or default safety messages that need to be heard by the crew or passengers.

Durability & Reliability

Adding video is a big investment and you need your systems to last.  The Crusader and TourMaster are built on the same encoding platform that has been well tested and trusted by the market, but adds in more reliable components and a more robust design for long term, rock solid reliability.