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A common use of our RV-ONE recorders is in flight testing applications.  Customers are looking to capture high quality video without breaking the bank, or their test schedule.  This article will highlight some of the features of the RV-ONE and answer common questions for flight test customers.

High Quality Video

The RV-ONE typically records using H.264 compression, which makes files easy to manage and view, but it does have the ability to record using MJPEG compression at bitrates in excess of 50mbps.  MJPEG compression, unlike H.264, compresses each frame independently, making it easier to capture and view slight changes between frames.  MJPEG’s higher bitrate also offers more clarity in the image versus H.264 compression.

Frame Rate

The RV-ONE can record full 1080p60 meaning users capture full high definition video at 60 frames per second.  This allows for a higher level of detail in debriefing.  The RV-ONE can be paired with the HD29  mini-box camera which also offers full 1080p60 for a complete solution.

Synchronization of Multiple Channels

Stack 3 units together

Stack 3 units together

The RV-ONE is designed to stack with up to two other units to form a three channel recorder.  Multiple three channel recorders can also be combined.  When used with a GPS or NTP server for time synchronization, with the addition of trigger synchronization, its easy to capture and review test footage from multiple angles.  Units will start and stop recording in synchronous with a time stamp overlaid on the video for easy identification post process.

GPS and Data

The RV-ONE can accept any standard NMEA GPS input via RS-232.  GPS data can be overlaid as text on the video and recorded as a separate data file in a GPX or KML format.  This allows users to view a 3D flight path in Google Earth and other applications.  Video and the 3D flight path can be synchronized in Line Vision software offered as an option with the system.  If users with to overlay or record custom data, the RV-ONE has the ability to accept, parse, and overlay up to three lines of ASCII data via RS-232.


Unlike other large, expensive systems typically offered for flight testing, the RV-ONE is available off-the-shelf.  There is no need to delay or reschedule your test over a failure to receive equipment.  Its common for recorders to ship same-day with next day delivery available.


If you have any questions, or need a system for your flight testing project, give us a ring at (414) 339-3370 or email [email protected]