Flight Tour Video Cameras, Recorders and Complete Systems

Flight Tour Video Solutions

Rugged Video offers a solution specifically designed for helicopter flight tour video recording.  More than just a recorder, we offer a complete solution to help operators capture video, sell that videos to customers, and increase their marketing exposure.

The Most Advanced Onboard Equipment

  • Creates Professionally Edited Videos in Flight
  • Intro Videos, Soundtracks, Camera Switching & More
  • Automated by GPS or Pilot Controlled

Streamlined Installation

Quick Install Kits for:
EC130, EC120, & AS350
Bell 206(L) & 407
Robinson R44 & R66


The Perfect System For Your Flight Tour Operation

Every operator is unique and we pride ourselves in providing the absolute best solution for your tour operation.  The Rugged Video team has worked with more flight tour operators than any other company in the world and will work closely with you on getting a system that is easy to install, maintain, and maximizes your revenue potential from onboard video.

What do you fly?

We’ve worked with nearly every helicopter model and can provide recommendations, installation photos, and examples of what works well for our other customers with specific kits for the: EC130, EC120, AS350, Bell 206(L) & 407, and Robinson R44 & R66.

How video fits in your operation?

Successful video integration requires support from your maintenance staff, pilots, ground crew, gift shop personnel and your marketing team.  Rugged Video will work with your team to not only configure the best system, but provide training, onsite support, and assist you with the long term to optimize your onboard video sales.

Maximize Revenue

Our primary goal is to maximize your revenue with onboard video.  With our advanced digital delivery software, which doubles your video revenue potential, to our features like GPS automation which reduces human error, Rugged Video solutions offer more up-time, better end products, and higher sell-through than any other solution on the market.

Why Rugged Video?


  • In-Flight Capture Automation via GPS
    • Soundtracks & Narrations
    • Output Foreign Language Narrations to Headsets
    • Camera Switching, Groupings, and Time Sequencing
    • Recordings & Highlight Clips
    • Titles and Credits

Why Rugged Video?


  • Digital Delivery Software
    • Fast & Easy to Use
    • Provide Online Access to Your Customers
    • Supports Photos & Videos
    • Increase Sell Through by 30%+
    • Double Your Revenue Potential Through Referrals
    • SEO and Keyword Targeting
    • Analytics and Tracking

Flight Tour Video Solutions

Rugged Video offers a solution specifically designed for helicopter flight tour video recording.  More than just a recorder, we offer a complete solution to help operators capture video, sell that videos to customers, and increase their marketing exposure.

Capture Video

Complete onboard video solutions create a professional edited video while in flight.TourMaster_System_Med

  • Up to Four HD Cameras
  • Cockpit & Exterior Mounting
  • STC Installation Options
  • GPS Automation or
  • Pilot Controlled
  • MP3 Soundtracks & Narrations
  • Headset Audio
  • Titles & Credits

Generate Revenue

Video’s are sold to the customers using one of several proven methods.USB_ACCESSCODE

Digital Delivery

In a couple clicks videos are uploaded to custom webpages for passengers.  Customers are then sold a four digit access code with instructions to visit www.getourvideo.com and enter their code (IE: RF28).

Fast Copy

Make Fast USB Copies to sell with our Free Replicator Software.


Sell USB drives to customers directly from the recorder.  The TourMaster has one drive, and the Commander supports up to 4.

Increased Marketing

Videos uploaded through the digital delivery process optimized to promote sharing and drive traffic to your website.



  • Easy to Share Videos
  • Videos appear on Google Search
  • Customized titles, descriptions, and keywords
  • Facebook and TripAdvisor Page Links
  • Negative Feedback Filtering

Capture Video
Our solutions are designed to create the best video for your customers all while requiring zero input from the pilot by using our GPS automation.  Typical systems consist of four cameras capturing your customers and the experience with cockpit and exterior mounted/pointed cameras.  Controlled by GPS, the system will automatically start recording video, switch cameras based on waypoints, play soundtracks and narrations, mix in headset audio, capture still images, and overlay intro and title credits.

Automation creates a higher quality video for your customers while allowing your pilots to focus on giving a memorable and safe tour.

Equipment is reliable and easy to install.  Every system comes with plug-and-play connectors, thorough documentation, and a variety of mounting options for nearly any airframe; including popular ones such as the AS-350, EC-130, R44, and B206/407.

Generate Revenue

Generate Revenue – The Highest Sell-Through

Rugged Video has developed Commander Software to automate the copy process and add the option to upload videos in a format that is easy for customers to share online.  The software takes only a few seconds of agent interaction to start copying or upload videos which are then sold to customers as an upload or hard copy on a USB.

The software helps operators quickly organize and distribute videos to customers, regardless of the size of the operation.  The Commander software is designed to be easily operated by a member of the support staff.    The process begins by inserting the recorded media into a computer with the Commander Software.  The software automatically recognizes the recorded videos.   The software has options to select a “Batch Name” (typically identified by the aircraft name or tail number), and a time slot.  The user can then select if they want to: copy, upload, or copy and upload their videos.  The software can also store files on a local server automatically.

If the operator chose to copy, the system can automatically copy the recorded videos and defined stock footage to any inserted USB flash drives.  Using USB 3.0, this process can take as little as 30 seconds.

If the operator chose to upload, the software will display a four digit code which is then hand written onto a card and sold to the customer.  In the background, the software will: upload all of the videos to Youtube, create a custom webpage that is populated with the videos from that flight, and correlate that page with the custom code sold to the user.  Depending on internet speed, uploads take about 30 minutes and then the webpage can be accessed by the customer.

Increased Marketing Exposure

Increase your Marketing

The customer takes their four digit code with instructions to visit-  GetOurVideo.com, a website created by Rugged Video specifically for our tour operators.  The website asks the user to enter their code and takes them to the webpage with all of the videos from their specific tour.  Customers then have the option to share their videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and nearly every other social media platform.

Videos are tagged with the name, keywords, titles and descriptions customized by you, the operator, to create a near viral level of online marketing exposure for your operation.

Videos are uploaded and linked directly from Youtube to make the process as easy and familiar to the customers as possible.  The website has built-in support and help options that come directly to Rugged Video so that you are not bogged down with any extra support.  On the website the customer also has the option to order a copy of their video as DVD or Blu-Ray.

The Flight Tour Marketing Revolution

With the Capture-Upload-Share process, operators are not only generating revenue but increasing their marketing exposure to viral proportions with thousands of satisfied customers sharing their experience of their tour online.  YouTube, owned by Google, is the 2nd largest search engine in the world.  When someone is searching online for things to do on their vacation, the first thing you want them to see is a video of your tour with a link to your website.  The Commander Software allows your customers to do this for you.

Calculate Revenue

How Much Can Your Operation Make?

Although each operation is unique, the metrics below will help you approximate how much your operation can make.

Typical Per-Cap:  $12.50-$19.75 per passenger

Attendance and Expected Revenue:

  • 1000 passengers/year – $12,500 – $19,750
  • 2500 passengers/year – $31,250 – $49,375
  • 5000 passengers/year – $62,500 – $98750
  • 10,000 passengers/year – $125,000 – $197,500
  • 25,000 passengers/year – $312,500 – $493,750
  • 50,000 passengers/year – $625,000 – $987,500

How is Per-Cap Calculated?

Per-Cap = Video Sales Price /Passengers Per Group * Sell Through Rate 

Video Sales Price:  Videos typically sell for $30-90 depending on the type of tour.  Long tours in Hawaii may command closer to the $70-90 range where a quick hop might sell for $30 or so.

Passengers per Group: The average number of passengers in a group.  Since each group would likely only buy a single video, we need to account for this.

Sell Through Rate:  Around 80% of groups will end up buying their video.  Depending on price and the effectiveness of sales staff, we’ve seen this vary as low as 70% up to the high nineties.

Videos from Tour Operators

Blue Sky Helicopters Flight Tour – Sydney, Australia

12 Apostles Helicopters Flight Tour – Gold Coast, Australia

Makani Kai Helicopters Flight Tour – Hawaii

Helicopter Flight Services Flight Tour – New York

Learn More
To learn more, feel free to contact us anytime at (414) 399-3370 or use the contact-us page.  We’ve worked with nearly every type of operation and would be happy to assist with any questions.


TourMaster Recorder Commander Software


Flight Tour Brochure - Click to Enlarge

Flight Tour Brochure – Click to Enlarge


Customer Profile – Blue Sky Helicopters

TourMaster Brochure – Click to Enlarge

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12 Apostles Helicopters Flight Tour – Gold Coast, Australia

We’ve tried other similar systems in the past but we know we can depend on our Rugged Video Systems to capture great video every time; which is critical when video sales account for nearly half a million dollars a year in added revenue.  We chose Rugged Video because of their excellent customer service and flexibility in meeting our requirements and would recommend them to any other flight tour operator.

Richard Nessler

Director/Chief Pilot, 12 Apostles Helicopters

Blue Sky Helicopters Flight Tour – Sydney, Australia

I’ve used a number of video systems over the years and recently moved to the Rugged Video system for my Flight Tour.  Rugged Video is the best system on the market because it records high quality video in a well put together package with features no one else can offer.

Mark Fitzsimmons

Owner, Blue Sky Helicopters