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Rugged Video would like to thank everyone who stopped by the booth at Heli-Expo 2015 in Orlando, Florida USA. At the show, attendees were introduced to The Future of Airborne Video with a number of important product announcements and developments. Among which is the New Commander Recorder and Commander Software that will make it easier than ever for operators to: capture, upload, and share their customer experiences. Rugged Video also released minor developments to the product line, including wireless triggering and an integrated cable design.

Capture – Upload – Share

The Future of Airborne Video is more than just a recorder and camera, it’s a complete solution allowing you to capture, upload, and share your videos and your customer’s videos with a seamless solution.

Capture-Upload-Share  - Click to Enlarge

Capture-Upload-Share – Click to Enlarge


Rugged Video introduced solutions that completely automate the capture process, eliminating the need for post-process editing. To automate the capture process, Rugged Video released the Commander Controller. This unit takes control of any recorder, including the RV-sFOUR and Commander Recorder, and is able to automate: Recording, Soundtrack & Narration, Text Overlay, Snapshots, and Camera Switching, all based on GPS.

The Commander Recorder takes professional video to the next level with full color logo overlay, multiple USB recording, and automatic pre-roll. Pre-roll adds a professional intro clip to all of your recordings automatically.

Capturing video is only half of the solution, now operators need to manage it.  We tackle that with our upload software.


Your customer’s ultimate goal and the reason they purchased a copy of the onboard video, is to be able to view and share that video with their family and friends. Currently, you can burn a DVD/Blu-Ray and make a customer wait or mail it to them, or give the customer a USB containing their video. The burden is now on the customer to find some way to get their video online in a format that is easy to share. This is no easy task while on vacation. Luckily, there is now a better way.

The Commander Software makes it easy for operators to upload their customer videos and sell that video to their customers.

The software is quick and easy to use. When unloading, support staff simply removes the USB from the recorder, puts it in a tablet, laptop, or desktop and offers it to the customer as a USB, uploaded copy, or both. Within 20 seconds, the support staff selects the files, identifies the specific tour, and sells a four digit access code to the customer. If a customer still wants a USB copy the software can simplify that process as well.

In the back-end, the software uploads the video to YouTube and creates a custom webpage for that specific flight. To access the videos customers go to a custom branded website; e.g. and enters their code; e.g. MKZ2.


Once on their own custom webpage, customers can easily view, pin, post, share, or email on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. This process increases the value of the video to the end customer but more importantly allows operators to use their customer’s videos as a marketing tool. Within an hour or two of landing, excited customers are sharing their videos online. Videos are branded with the operators: name, logo, and URL, offering direct marketing exposure for the operator.

Whats more, all videos are titled, described, and tagged with keywords designed to support your SEO efforts. Not only is YouTube the 2nd largest search engine in the world, but it’s also the a major driver of first page search results on Google. The simple act of uploading hundreds or even thousands of videos to YouTube can help increase the rankings and search position of operators. Best of all, it happened with a few simple clicks all while selling video to your customers.

The Future of Tourism Video is here and now operators have the opportunity to be on the cutting edge with solutions offered exclusively by Rugged Video.

Commander Recorder

As technology marches forward, it gets more powerful, smaller, and less expensive. The New Commander Recorder is the next generation High Definition Airborne Recorder, designed to be the most powerful, reliable, and smallest high definition airborne recorder, ever.


The Commander offers groundbreaking features such as: Multiple USB Recording, Automatic Pre-Roll, and Color Logo Overlay.

Wireless Triggering

All Rugged Video solutions now have the option of Key Fob wireless control. Trigger: recording, snapshot, or waypoints, all wirelessly.

Integrated Power and SDI Cable

For applications where multiple cables are difficult to route, Rugged Video now offers the option of an integrated power and video cable. The cable routes power and HD Video through a single cable an our Hirose LF series connectors.

Rugged Video was the first and only company to offer this technology in a camera as small as our HD19. We also offer this on our HD23 and HD25 bullet cameras.