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Ahead of HAI Heli-Expo 2015, Rugged Video is proud to offer a sneak peak at the new Commander – Tour Video Software.  We have a mission to help customers capture and share unique experiences.  The Commander Software is the last piece of that puzzle.

Capture – Upload – Share

For nearly a decade, onboard video has been an integral part of tour operations.  Capturing video is only part of the process and until now, operators have been left to “figure out” a way to distribute that video to customers.  The Commander Software is designed to be the glue connecting your captured video with your customers and your customers friend’s, family, and social networks.

Why Upload?

With nearly a decade in the industry, the staff at Rugged Video has witnessed a shift in the way customers actually use video.  Long gone is the time where customers will actually pop in their DVD and watch it in its entirety.  Customers want short clips that are easy to share online The rise of digital copy got us part way there where customers had a digital version of their video, but no-one actually watches a 40 minute clip online.  The best product for the customer is a series of several shorter highlights with easy access to post on Facebook or Twitter.

This also happens to be the best method for an operator to gain marketing exposure.  YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world and is typically embedded into the first page of Google Search results.  Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are also a great marketing medium which is currently under-utilized.  Imagine thousands of your videos embedded with your keywords, company name, and branding on; YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter all without any marketing expense.

What Does it Do?

The Commander Software can take any recorded video from any media and: upload, burn, copy, or store the content.  Content that is uploaded is then linked to a custom webpage unique to that specific tour which customers can access using any internet enabled device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop).  From this webpage, users can view and, more importantly, share their video’s with a few simple clicks on nearly any social media platform.  Content burned to a disk or copied to a USB can be sold to the customer on-site.  Content can also be stored locally or on the cloud for archival purposes.

How Does it Work?

Commander Tour Upload Software

The software is loaded onto any PC or Mac connected to a high-speed internet connection.  Designed to be quick and easy, the software automatically finds the appropriate files once media is inserted into the computer.  The user can then select if they want videos to be uploaded, copied, and/or stored locally.   In about 15 seconds with a few simple clicks, videos are sent for copy and upload and a custom 4-digit code is generated and printed(IE:  1HR4).  The customer then gets this code and can access their videos at “website”.com/1HR4 .  An option to email customers will also be added.

Since the software is uploading a large amount of data, it is recommended that a dedicated high-speed internet connection is provided to the computer running the software.  Initial estimates are that a 4Mbps upload speed is required per aircraft in operation.  The cost of this internet connection is likely between 5 to 9% the cost of providing USB’s to individual customers.

When Is It Available?

The commander software is currently  in Stage 1 Beta Testing.  We are working with three partners in the coming months; a single helicopter operator, an operator with a few aircraft, and an operator with more than 15 aircraft.  Once the testing is complete in spring 2015, we will be offering the software to the public.

 Can it be Customized?

The software was built in-house at Rugged Video and can be customized to meet any requirement.  The code is portable to any OS and very flexible.  For more information, click contact-us and we will respond shortly.

How Much Will It Cost?

The software will have an annual service and license fee and a nominal cost per batch uploaded.  The cost will be well below the cost of providing a USB copy to customers.

 Can I Still Become a Beta Tester?

We will still consider customers for additional beta testing.  For more information, click contact-us and we will respond shortly.