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See the TourMaster in the September issue of Rotorcraft Pro Magazine.


Rugged Video is ushering in a new era of flight tour video.  Onboard video is a cornerstone in the profitability of tour operators, adding tens of thousands, and in some cases millions of dollars in annual revenue.

The latest major development has been GPS Automation.  GPS Automation allows for more complex videos featuring soundtracks and narrations, titles and credits, and camera changes created in-flight without any input from the pilot.  The pilot can now focus on giving the best possible tour and on the safety of passengers, while the GPS takes care of the video.

Once on the ground, the process of distributing videos to passengers has been dramatically streamlined.  Videos are now automatically uploaded and guests are sold a four-digit access code to view and share their videos on any internet enabled device.  This increases sell-through and doubles video revenue through marketing exposure while increasing customer referrals.