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Rugged Video, LLC of Milwaukee, WI USA is proud to announce the completion of the acquisition of the New Zealand based Extreme VisioNZ Ltd. brand, cementing our presence for our Flight Tour Video solutions in the Oceania Region.

Extreme VisioNZ Ltd. was established in 2002 to research and develop reliable and robust methods of capturing video for tourism operators.  Extreme VisioNZ has provided multi-camera systems to flight tour operators in New Zealand, Australia, and other parts of the Oceania region.

Roy Dietsch, CEO of Rugged Video, says,

“We’ve always held Extreme VisioNZ in high regard for their reliable products and integrity.  We are excited about the opportunity to continue the Extreme VisioNZ legacy while creating another avenue to help support our substantial customer base in the Oceania region.”

Over a few short years, Rugged Video has ushered in a new era of flight tour video.  Introducing GPS automation and digital delivery and becoming one of the largest suppliers of Flight Tour Video equipment in the world.  Rugged Video has streamlined the capture and delivery process of tour videos offering the potential to double operator revenues from onboard video.

Steve Green of Extreme VisioNZ Ltd. says

“We are delighted that Rugged Video will be continuing the legacy of Extreme VisioNZ Ltd.  The two companies hold many similar values, in their desire to supply robust, reliable camera systems for the aviation industry & continue to push the market forward with cutting edge features such as GPS Automation, and digital delivery. Their products and excellent support, will add unrivalled value to Oceania customers and we wish them well with this new stage of their expansion into the southern hemisphere.”

Rugged Video will be continuing the Extreme VisioNZ brand as well as launching Rugged Video Oceania in March, 2016.  The Extreme VisioNZ brand will be offering Rugged Video products and solutions, as well as any remaining Extreme VisioNZ inventory.  The Extreme VisioNZ brand will serve customers in the southern pacific ocean including; Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Micronesia, Fiji, and others in the Oceania Region.