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Rugged Video is excited to announce the release of the Producer Video Control Unit for flight tour operators.  The Producer works in conjunction with Rugged Video Flight Tour Video solutions and provides an easy to use interface that allows pilots to; view system status, select cameras, and control the system.  The Producer allows operators to create better videos for their passengers adding the pilot’s personal touch.


Rugged Video Flight Tour Solutions are comprised of a host of technologies that allow for the streamlined capture and distribution of videos.  With an aim at producing the highest quality videos and maximizing revenue for air tour operators, the Producer is a key addition to this process.


Roy Dietsch, CEO says,

“Flight Tour Operators want our systems to be easy to operate while offering a wealth of features and functions. The Producer works in conjunction with GPS automation, taking the load off the pilot while still offering all the system functionality at their fingertips.  This creates the best possible videos for passengers but more importantly, reduces pilot workload, creating a safer flight”.


Currently, Rugged Video Flight Tour systems can be operated; directly by the pilot while in flight, automatically with GPS automation, or a combination of both.  In instances where the recorder and switcher are mounted remotely and the pilot wishes to control the system or temporarily over-ride automation, the Producer is an invaluable tool.  The Producer provides complete system status indicators, switches, and even USB media in a compact, functional unit with a sleek design.


The Producer is forward and backward compatible with all Rugged Video flight tour solutions as well as most competing solutions.  The Producer will be on display at Heli-Expo, 2016 in Louisville, KY, USA, and is available for immediate sale to customers.


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