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Rugged Video manufactures rugged COTS video recorders, cameras, and complete systems for military applications.  Systems are designed to be a low cost alternative for capturing high quality video in a rugged and robust package.  Systems offer a wide range of features and are typically more capable than their more expensive counterparts.


RV-ONE Recorder

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RV-ONE-PLUSRugged Video’s HD video recorders are designed to accept video and audio from nearly any source and record it in the standard format.  In addition, systems can integrate with an external GPS to add data logging capabilities.  In applications requiring multiple video channels, such as multi-sensor thermal and color cameras, multiple recorders can stack and link together to form a two or three channel recorder.

Built Tough

With an aluminum enclosure and recording to solid state media, the RV-ONE can withstand the shock and vibration typically found in harsh environments.  An integrated fan increases the operational temperature range to 85 degrees Celsius while increasing overall reliability.  Fully locking, waterproof connectors are both corrosion resistant and submersible.

Audio Integration

Audio can be captured from a variety of sources with a wide input range of 8V p-p including military radios, ambient microphones, or auxiliary inputs.  When stacking units together, the audio inputs are duplicated to multiple channels and synchronized in the recording.


External GPS input allows for overlay options and/or data logging.  GPS data can be saved as a standard KML or GPX track which can then be viewed in third party software such as Google Earth or LineVision from Remote Geo Systems.  Waypoints may be added to the GPS path while recording to highlight points of interest for easy reference while debriefing.  Optionally, data may be overlaid directly on the video as text for easy reference while reviewing the video.  Overlaid data points can be selected from: coordinates, altitude, speed, and heading.

Black Box Recorder

When the system is set to black box mode, recording starts upon power up and stops recording when power is removed from the system.  The built-in backup battery also acts as a fault tolerant device when manually recording, preventing file corruption in the event of an accidental power loss while recording.



Systems have the ability to link two or three units together.  With the synchronous triggers, users can control recording and waypoint functions on multiple channels with a single switch.  Unit stacking also allows for a simple upgrade to add channels in the future.  Units are stacking with side plates that screw in place, a multilink cable, and a power cable.

Other Camera Options

Systems are designed to integrate with most existing camera solutions.  Recorders will accept video from various input sources, including: 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, SDI, HDMI, DVI, NTSC, and PAL.  Custom adapter cables are assembled in house to help streamline the installation process.  In instances where new and additional cameras are required, Rugged Video offers a range of compact, rugged HD cameras.


Systems can be configured to start recording upon power up or via command of the record switch.  Video and GPS data are stored to USB or SD media.  Media can be removed as soon as the recording is stopped, without powering down the system which allows for a quick turnaround.


Video and GPS data are stored in standard formats for playback on any PC or MAC.  With the addition of LineVision Geospatial software, GPS information can be viewed in synchronous with multiple channels of video.

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