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Rugged Video, LLC of Mequon, WI is proud to announce a partnership with Nflight Technology, LLC of Mountain Home, AR, to market Flight Tour Video Solutions to fixed wing tour operators.

Since 2010, Nflightcam, the largest general aviation specific camera supplier in the world, has been providing high quality POV systems and accessories to thousands of pilots.  Owned and operated by pilots and A&Ps/AIs, Nflightcam has expertise installing video in certificated aircraft.  Patrick Carter, owner of NFlightcam, says

“We set out with the goal of providing a flight tour video solution that produced the highest quality end product for passengers while making it easy to install and reliable.  After working on solutions within Nflightcam, we decided to partner with Rugged Video.  There is simply no better product for capturing a tour video than what Rugged Video is offering and we are proud to now be able to offer these solutions to the Flightseeing market.”

Rugged Video has ushered in a new era of flight tour video.  Since introducing GPS automation and digital delivery, Rugged Video has become one of the largest suppliers of Flight Tour Video equipment in the world.  Rugged Video has streamlined the capture and delivery process of tour videos offering the potential to double operator revenues from onboard video.

Roy Dietsch, CEO of Rugged Video, says,

“Nflightcam has been at the top of the General Aviation video industry since the beginning. Many video companies have come and gone leaving customers out to dry while Nflightcam has continued to offer great products with integrity.  Nflightcam has become the authority in General Aviation video and we are proud to partner with them to provide the best possible technology for their customers.”

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