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The Multiplexer (PIP) Processer

The Multiplexer was originally built by Rugged Video for a Military viewing application so someone could monitor 4 cameras on one screen.  This can be a useful tool for recording as well.  Wit the ability to organize up to 4 cameras on one screen, you can use one recorder to capture 4 camera views.  The Multiplexer can take in HD-SDI and will output the same.  Up to 1080p60.  Can be paired with a recorder or purchased on its own.

Some common views for 4 cameras would be: Quad screen, One main with 3 across the bottom, One main with 3 stacked on the right side.



Multiplexer (right) shown with Commander DVR and 4 HD29 Cameras


Can also be paired with Rugged Video HD19 Bullet Cameras

Customize your Picture in Picture

You can have 2 cameras going through the Multiplexer for a standard PIP look with one main and one in the lower right corner or you can have 4 cameras on one view.  With the back end ability to make each window any size, the possibilities are nearly endless for how to organize the views.  Most common views are: PIP with 2 cameras, Split screen with 2 cameras, Main view and PIP windows across bottom with 3 or 4 cameras, Quad view with 4, Main view and PIP windows down the side with 3 or 4.

Switch views via API input

You can have 10 preset configurations and be able to access the 10 that you have via API.  Please let a Rugged Video Rep know if this is something you would like to do and they can help you get set up with what you need.


The Multiplexer can come as a “BASE” unit if you have cameras to input or it can come as a “PLUS” system with equivalent number of cameras, cabling, and mounts.  The system can be paired with the RV-ONE recorder as well.


Have Rugged Video set it up

If you have a vision for how you would like your screen set up, let us know and we will program it for you so that when you take it out of the box, you are ready to hook up cameras and go!

4 inputs for HD-SDI from cameras and one HD-SDI output makes connecting a breeze.  If you wish to use the system to supply 12V power to your cameras, that can be accomplished as well.  We use Hirose LF 6 pin connectors but can potentially make a custom system if your application requires it.


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