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Replicator Fast Duplication Software for Flight Tours

Rugged Video is proud to introduce the new Replicator Fast Duplication Software, designed for flight tour operators.  The Replicator software can create USB copies faster than Windows copy, with a single click.  The Replicator Application was designed for high volume operators that need a quick and simple way to copy videos.  The Replicator Application is also an alternative to the Commander Upload Software when operators are not using the upload functionality.

Prior to the Replicator Software tour operators creating copies had to use older and expensive duplicators, or use the cumbersome drag-and-drop.  The Replicator Software works with any PC.  Just insert the drives and the Replicator automatically recognizes which drives contain video and which drives need to be copied to.  Just click Copy and the software rapidly copies the videos.  A typical Tour is copied in about 1 minute and 35 seconds.

When you are done the software prompts the operator if they wish to finish, or to clear the source drive.  Once the drive is cleared it can be sent out to record more video.

The Replicator Application is available free of charge to Rugged Video customers.  To obtain your copy, contact us.