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Rotorcraft Onboard Video Solutions

Are You Getting The Most From Your Operation?

Imagine adding revenue with onboard video.


FAA approved onboard video solutions for Flight Tours and Aerial Patrol Operators.

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Add Video to Your Flight Tour

Increase Your Revenue

Onboard video sales directly increase revenues by ~$22 per passenger.  Onboard video is the best and easiest way for you to pad your bottom line.

Your Competitive Edge

Customers prefer operators that can provide a professional video of their tour.  Give your operation a competitive edge to gain more business.

Get Your Customers Talking

With digital delivery, your customers do the marketing for you by sharing videos with their online networks.  Increased online exposure has the potential to double your revenues from onboard video by adding referral business.

Add Video to Your Aerial Patrol Operation

Get More Contracts

Geo-tagged HD video adds value for utilities and mapping customers, which means more, higher value, contracts for your operation.

Simple & Reliable

Simple and reliable capture technology with innovative features lets you focus on your operation and your customers.

Your Competitive Edge

Using the latest HD capture technology gives your operation a competitive edge.  Grow your business by offering smart solutions that add value for your customer.

See What Our Customers Are Saying!

I’ve used a number of video systems over the years and now use the Rugged Video system for my Flight Tour.  Rugged Video is the best system on the market because it records high quality video in a well put together package with features no one else can offer.

Mark Fitzsimmons

Owner, Blue Sky Helicopters

We chose Rugged Video because reliability is key for Aerial Patrol.  We trust the team at Rugged Video and they supply the best product.

Nathan Kayes

Managing Member, Due North Aviation

We’ve tried other similar systems in the past but we know we can depend on our Rugged Video Systems to capture great video every time; which is critical when video sales account for nearly half a million dollars a year in added revenue.  We chose Rugged Video because of their excellent customer service and flexibility in meeting our requirements and would recommend them to any other flight tour operator.

Richard Nesseler

Director/Chief Pilot, 12 Apostles Helicopters

Why Rugged Video?

Leaders in Flight Tour Video

We are the only company to offer the latest onboard capture technology and multiple delivery options.  Our systems create better videos for your customers, are easier to use, and we offer solutions to sell more videos to more customers.

We Make Geospatial Video Simple

Our recorders are designed to be easy to use and are rock-solid reliable.  We offer simple geo-tagging functions like: data overlay, snapshot, and waypoint, making it easy for pilots or spotters to use the system and for utilities to use the recorded data.

Some of our groundbreaking features:


  • GPS Automation – Allows the pilot to focus on giving the best possible tour while automatically triggering: recordings, camera switching, text and title overlays, and soundtracks and narrations.
  • Professional Audio – A professional audio mixer combines headset audio with pre-recorded soundtracks and narrations.
  • Narration Output – Output pre-recorded narrations in multiple languages to passenger headsets, all triggered based on GPS.
  • Digital Delivery – Double your revenue potential with our digital delivery software.  In a few clicks, videos are uploaded and customers are sold a digital access code to see their videos on any internet enabled device.

Some of our Features:


  • Data Overlay –  All relevant data is saved right on the video and can be edited or extracted as a snapshot without fancy software.
  • Push-to-talk Narrations – Record only the audio you want recorded with a simple, hand held PTT trigger.
  • Take Snapshots & Waypoints –  Captured In-Flight using panel mount or hand held triggers.
  • CoPilot Control Unit – Systems can be controlled with the intuitive copilot which displays: recording, GPS, and system status, and features easy to use triggers for snapshot, waypoint, and recording.